have a look at:



Diagrams new added here:Airbox plus PC2 plus Acra full Ti
Stock exhaust vs. Acra full Ti and Airbox plus Ram Air effex


Carbon detail -UD-Carbon reinforce  :Airboxcarbon2.jpg (91044 Byte)


This is the first RC51 Airbox,made from Glass-Fibre,i always make the first one from Glass,you've a good view,where you've to make the cuttings and holes for Ignition-Wire,cables,fuel-Line and so on.

I made this Airbox for the std .configuration of Fuel-Tank , Thermostat,means Water hoses,of plugs etc.,so it'll fit unproblematically.

Volume is about 23 Litres vs.7 Litres std.!

You see Airbox is designed for Sealing against Fuel Tank,by this method you have following advantages,

apart advantages of a real Airbox generally:

-The Weight ,of course -- total weight,i guess is 320gr  (means 3000 gr less than std.!!)

- The Option to mod the Underside of the Tank for more Fuel,because the Airbox sealing is not   


- by less work to manufacture it (no Cover) , the Airbox is not expensive,even in Carbon






    CLICK HERE:a pictured Airbox installing manual  


April 04: This E-Mail I got from a customer in Netherlands

I have been today to a dynojet center. The first run gave 129,5 rear wheel HP(10.250 rpm) and 99,9 nm torque (8.000 rpm) it was more than i expected. After making a good map it is 136,5 rear wheel HP (10.250 RPM) AND 105,5 NM TORQUE (6.800 RPM) AN ENORMOUS RISING OF THE TORQUE CURVE AND STARTING MUCH EARLIER AND HOLDING IT STRONG ABOVE  100 NM TILL 9000 RPM. We are very suprised about it. When i was driving the bike home it feels very very strong and the front wheel came up (on the trottle) in 2 and almost in 3 gear. I HAVE A NEW BIKE.
It is working like you tell us and i think you like to now about it.




To compensate much more Air delivery , i guess you've to install something like a Power commander,or a full programmable CPU,i'll start with a power commander;don't know,if that unit is working well,regarding the demands,but somewhere you have to begin.


some Carbon-Airbox  Details of definitive shape :Click to enlarge:

1airbox detail air intake2.jpg (56908 Byte)               1airbox total5.jpg (71955 Byte)                1airbox total3.jpg (68994 Byte)               1airbox total2.jpg (97337 Byte)



Detail Location Baro-sensor:         1 airbox detail baro-sensor.jpg (66721 Byte)

Detail:Fuel line intake     1airbox detail fuel line.jpg (85522 Byte)


Airbox sealing rubber for stock Tank front section :             Gummidichtung 2.jpg (5734 Byte)             Gummidichtung Tank.jpg (5602 Byte)


Plug sealing mould step one:Plug mould 1.JPG (25682 Byte)




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