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The latest diagram from USA:


A new diagram here:increase of hp by Airbox here-10 to 12,but included following mods:

-removed quitening gears

            - removed Air Valve from Airduct

       -all emissionary stuff removed

here the diagram,thanks Dave,click to enlarge :   Airbox compare diagram dave.jpg (96778 Byte)

Hope it's ok,perhaps Dave is able to give more information about rideability and fuel supply:  



next,what do you think:

Max Leistung  =  Max bhp with Airbox,full Acrapovic but without PCII -rear wheel and clutch bhp delivery

Max Leistung =  Max bhp with Airbox,Acrapovic full Ti-System,PCII-rear wheel and clutch bhp delivery                                                

dynorun incl Airbox.jpg (21199 Byte) 



Here's the Air/Fuel ratio-Diagram,measured with CO-Tester while Dynorun:

 middle blue line :Airbox ,full Acra 

middle red line :Airbox,full Acra,PCII                                 

                                                                                         click to enlarge 




The Torque-Diagram:                     also click to enlarge  

concerning the MAP:the Owner ,who made the dynoruns,said, all has been so expensive that he's only willing to sell the Map,so it seems i've to buy the Info-because i'ts my Airbox (up to me).


Some nearly identical diagrams here:

1st stock vs. Acra full Titan System                      bhp                                 torque

                                                                        !a horsepower diagram stock vs.Acroapovic.jpg (81920 Byte)                             !a newtonmeter diagram stock vs.Acroapovic.jpg (75058 Byte)


2nd : red line stock-green line incl Airbox-black line incl Ram Air imitation

                                                                          bhp                                   torque

                                                                       !a horsepower diagram stock,Airbox,+ incl.Ram Air effex.jpg (92430 Byte)                               !a newtonmeter diagram stock,Airbox,+ incl.Ram Air effex.jpg (91903 Byte)


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