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                         88.8 kg front                                                             85.9 kg rear 

                      196.02 lbs  front                                                         189.62 lbs rear

That's the weight incl.10 Litre Fuel,or 55% of max. Fuel Capacity of std.Fueltank

So,what does it mean ?


Good Q,first of all i'd say it's 174.7 kg  or  385.64 lbs total,so now if i'd add  8 litre Fuel (1 litre is approx 0.75 kg or 1.65 lbs )-then we're at 180.7 kg or 398.84 lbs incl.max. of all  fluids ,thats 45.3 kg or  EXACTLY 100 lbs less !

That's the end of hard work entering a corner,your chance to demoralize your friend with his GSX-R 1000 or whatever.Well ok,i'm not kidding but it's easy said for me i know (even it wasn't easy done) ,because i've built all that stuff. I've spoken with the Editor of a great German Motorcycle Mag reg.a presentation of the Bike,because he was very impressed by the weight,but i thought to wait until next Summer to release the full Project.

Blablabla.......anyway : just imagine a 140hp ,110 or more Nm Bike with 398.84 lbs and 20 % lowered centre of Gravity,just imagine ,you'll ride circles around your friend!I've typed this somewhere in this web,but i tell it again:a guy,who normally rides a 250 cc Aprilia sat down on my Bike and he said  it feels lighter than his 250 cc (tipped over leftright).

You should ride a Bike like this.Hm,my point of view: its not very much modification Work,ok,some plastic and wire harness cuttings,moreless the Bike is in genuine condition,noHRC Pistons,Cams,Fork or whatever.

Have you ever removed your Fueltank,then -while you moved your RC51 through your Workshop- said to you friends: the Bike should be light like this one now is?
and thats only 18 Litre fuel,means 13.5kg +  7.5 kg for Fueltank = 21kg or 46 lbs


It may take another 4 weeks to have the assembly available for sale,now i'm in the middle of Fueltanks re-shape for more capacity.But-most of the work is done,all seems to work and i hope to be able to offer the cpl. assembly (Fueltank dummy,Fueltank,Seat,Airbox,Subframe-all made from Carbon or Carbon /Kevlar) for about 2700 $.I don't really know it ,we'll see.







The Airventilation Intakes,located one  behind the Airbox-partition (left and right),another into the Seat (only right).The upper intakes are not covered by your tight,so you get fresh Air in while riding to cool the Fueltank and injection Pump bracket.Made a before/after testride at nearly same Outside Temp conditions with a digital Temp-meter (sensor mounted on Fuelpump bracket),and even we had the 2nd day with Airintakes 3C more than the day before (without Airintakes),the Temperature was 8 degrees less.Has been one of the hottest day in Germany past 10 years :36C -and Fuel 39C while riding,thats ok.A Advantage-the Fuel cannot be heatened by Sun.To prevent Gasoline warming when the Bike is not running i'll fix heat Protection textile on the Fueltank-that will  do it.



For Thermostat removement you alsohave to close the bypass on waterpump-

easydone:  Water Cover2.JPG (27821 Byte)     Water Cover.JPG (55456 Byte)


Thats what i thought it would look more pleasant and has a funktion too,re-shaped HRC fairings inside for better look and strenght:

                                                        frontreinforement.jpg (54447 Byte)



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