Have a look at these Pics : 1 hour it takes to equipe your RC 51 with an Airbox.

         31 Steps,31 Pics.

         You've nothing to cut ,you don't have to buy a HRC-Fuel Tank,just keep your std.Thermostat 

         and hoses,prolong or shorten no cable,no line-only install.

         Simply made to fit for stock.



1        ab18.JPG (57202 Byte)            remove the Fuel Tank and std Airbox Cover,remove the crap Filters



2       ab17.JPG (55333 Byte)          remove the funnels    



3      ab16.JPG (48499 Byte)              remove the Clamp of Oil Breather Canister



4      ab15.JPG (42998 Byte)             remove this two superfluous hoses



5      ab14.JPG (65191 Byte)            remove the box



6      ab13.JPG (50950 Byte)                disengage the gas - cables



 7     ab12.JPG (31569 Byte)             disengage the choke from holder



8      ab11.JPG (37180 Byte)              disengage the low rpm-switch(?) from holder



 9     ab10.JPG (44206 Byte)              cut the Injection-plugs



10      ab9.JPG (48091 Byte)              untie the gaskets screws



11      ab8.JPG (51875 Byte)               remove the injection,turn it upside-down and remove this tiny hose 



12      ab7.JPG (55760 Byte)               thats what you see now.



13      ab6.JPG (41739 Byte)               remove the baro-sensor from std.Airbox-Cover



 14     ab5.JPG (46878 Byte)           .......and plug it into the std.plug



15      ab4.JPG (57811 Byte)             remove the metal shield in front



16      ab3.JPG (48030 Byte)                bend the rubber covered clamp of sensor down



17      Ab2.JPG (46779 Byte)                 push this cables in front



18      Ab1.jpg (46445 Byte)                  ......then install Airbox,and with some Pressure,fix front gasket.



19      ab30.JPG (41320 Byte)                      ............only a sealing demonstration



20      ab29.JPG (51553 Byte)                    put this line through hole



21      ab20.JPG (37073 Byte)            ok,another sealing demonstration



22      ab28.JPG (41782 Byte)                     the other side of the hole (hoho)



23      ab27.JPG (30489 Byte)               whats that?



24      ab24.JPG (61096 Byte)             to become serious:have you ever seen a sealing - rubber like this ?



25      ab26.JPG (55927 Byte)                  ...no?ok,so plug together and forget



26      ab25.JPG (60214 Byte)            well,i'm boring



27    ab23.JPG (50701 Byte)              remove the distance-rubber



28      Sealing rubber.JPG (42707 Byte)            front fuel tank section sealing rubber



 29      Sealing rubber2.JPG (46560 Byte)          ................



 30     Sealing rubber3.JPG (21812 Byte)             this way it works



 31    ab22.JPG (31543 Byte)             as you see,you see nothing





1Airbox removing 4.jpg (45689 Byte)  take a screwdriver,put some tape around the top



1Airbox removing 2.jpg (95913 Byte) Airbox has a designed cutting for removing



1Airbox removing 3.jpg (93106 Byte) after lifting rear,pull at front section


                                                 Some more Pics will follow