Never tested the stock brakes,they might be good,don't know but there's one thing,i hate these casted cheepest  for sale surfaces.

Of real concern: a radial Brake Pump:i highly can recommend.

The PVM-type here:3 different angle-fixings,so you can measure out the Brake pump up to your individal

sentiment.Do what you want: change the lines,use some race brake pads,take titan screws for the

caliper-halfs...,even all together,you've got not 40% of the effex changing the brake Pump.

Here: a PVM milled one 17mm Pot for 4 piston calipers ,19 mm pot for 6 piston....,

high Quality Product from Germany:advantage vs. Brembo:milled , available, and you get spare Parts


Always some Radials on Stock  :  fast delivery  -mailto:




The Calipers:a real advantage of the RC51-Fork,you can change your calipers and Brake discs diameter every day ,if you want.

If i had the Time i would  use 300 mm diameter Brake discs,a (or two) monoblock Calipers and manufacture a fine milled holder.            







Do you like Gold:?i don't like ,so disassembled this PVM-Monoblock.Black anodized is ok,a RC51 shouldnt look  like a beauty,more like a weapon  -  dull,like this:






click toEnlarge

PVM Bremszangen.jpg (28399 Byte)

Pvm5.jpg (70681 Byte)


To give some prices: the Brake pump is about 380 $

the Monoblock calipers:each 875 $ incl. titan Pistons




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