24.April.2003: at present i've got Material (Titan) for 3 Exhaust's to fab. Contact me for Price and Timetable.

I'm able to built underseat-exhaust, in1,in 2............  .


So-the Situation last Friday - end of February- ,the guys began to install the tool into the CNC-Bending-machine.For beginning i've ordered 100 m Titan-tubes for first 26 exhaust Systems.I'll be able now to fab serial as well as custom-made Exhausts up to customers wishes.For myself and a few guys here I'll go for a under Tailsection Exhaust Solution preferably with SP2 Swingarm.



A few machined and grinded Metal Parts,7000 $ ,hard to believe.These are the tools i've ordered to be able the diameters of the Titan-Tubes :          

Bending-tool.jpg (68490 Byte)



ome assorted Ti-headers:RC30+RC51 Some assorted Ti-HeadersQ83.jpg (98521 Byte)


The Titan-Edition !

For Stock RC51-Ti Exhaust System-Click here




Only spot-welded::the welding Job will be done by someone in the Aircraft Industry

       A-left-right above Swingarm Exhaust system
















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