Well,the way I work-the Situation when I made the draft for it:                       Doing a draft.jpg (90906 Byte)




   ....what you see pic's below is a Alternator- and Starter Unit-

                      mod for reducing the masses you've to accelerate.By

                      machining and milling the starter unit i've lost about 200 gr,

                     the new 360W Flywheel is about 1000 gr lighter,so that adds

up to-but you can calculate yourself.The Pic-up rotor dummy you see has the same diameter as

std,but for pruduction you can half the diameter,and locate the std pic up new.Left Side you see the

Stock Parts i've cutted,so this starter unit now has 60% of the std Surface that fits to the crankshaft,

but think ,that'll work.



Some new Pics on the Block:


      lima3.jpg (80504 Byte)                       




These Alternator is the first stage and Prototype yet:in the end will exist 2
different stages:one similar to whats shown in the Pics,but but with less diameter
ignition-rotor,the hardcore-stage will include a cpl.new cover,casted,where the Alternator
and ignition rotor is Outside,so you've to seal(isolate) the crankshaft.
But that takes some Time.





Some additional details,added 16.02.01



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