The unbelievable Cable Clutch Conversion on your RC 51:




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This is a very special technical feature with lots of different Advantages , as:


Weight : Complete Kit ( incl . lever,cable)  about 370gr ! Stock is 1170 gr !

A continuos  adjustment possibility of clutch disconnection  stroke from 0.8  to 2 mm !

Okay,you'll say :what do i get out of it ?


I  tell you : If you have chosen your best individual adjustment of Mechanism  ; already at the first meters you go out on road you'll notice  ( i swear ) ,what you  constantly   missed :                    

Finally you have the feeling to slip the clutch (a satisfied custumer described as follows : you feel the effect of each clutch lining ).Not insignificant at a first gear , that reaches until 130 km/h. 

Finally the handforce to declutch is such minimated as you constantly thougt it has to be.

(I dont know exactly  , why it works this remarkable way , i thought a lot about ; but it works .)



Subordinated Advantages :                                                                                                           new Urkunde Clutch dig.jpg (18275 Byte)


Your can remove the sprocket without removing the declutch System !

At engines disassembling , just unhook the cable (don't need to care about hydraulic  fluid )

Maintainance : Mechanism is insensitive against dirt , but you get a second bearing and axle-kit.(My opinion : you won't need'em lifelong).

Easy to mount :once adjusted ,2 minutes max..                                        kuppl.mech.3 querwebneu.JPG (20522 Byte)





       Click here for press release and test results of the Clutch system : mounted on Racing VTR 1000


The milling Man studying raw draft of Mechanism  ( 1998 Nov )  :      +++the milling man.JPG (14554 Byte)


 My today's Idea-just to test the Handforce you need to pull the clutch -lever.. Ok ,even if i've got at present no RC51 with std.hydraulic -clutch,i've got a RC30 here to test it.It maybe only an approximate comparison,and-free will- i deduct 
2 pounds-the values must convince everyone.Admittedly,my RC51  cable clutch is adjusted very meticolous (the advantage,when you've developed this)-but it shows the possibility of this System vs. hydraulics. The values: RC30 hydraulic,17.21 lbs.  My RC51 ,7.94 lbs  

  hydraulic clutch 7.8kg.JPG (60305 Byte)                           Cable clutch 3.4kg.JPG (79529 Byte)




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