Well,some real intensive work again,but no hidden Problems here.

       I've got now some (or somemore) experience creating a Carbon Sub-Frame from RC30.

      All depends on the Carbon Material you use, the direction,you've to imagine,where the Force is,so 
      you must work against,no real problem.

      Estimate the first Carbon -Subframes weight somewehat 400 gr (0.88 lbs),but guess 350 gr 
      (0.77lbs) is possible,we'll see.


     Here first modelwork pics,next week i'll provide you with the finished Item !


      Where things start:first you've to locate the screwing spots for(my new) tailsection    

Suframe Model7.JPG (71188 Byte)


OK,copyed the underside of tailsection,where your ass is on,and connected it with some alloy strings

Suframe Model6.JPG (96323 Byte)


The Basic result.

Suframe Model4.JPG (51980 Byte)


Fill out all with some Foam

Suframe Model3.JPG (51227 Byte)


Then cut the Foam for the design you want and put some whateveritis on it,to grind it

Suframe Model2.JPG (54080 Byte)


And when you've got friends,ask the to check for flaws 

Until next week!

Now,Monday,3.26 first Carbon -Subframe is done. I estimated 400 gr (0.88 lbs),but that was somehow very far away from the real weight : 457 gr,means 1 lbs now.

So,the rear end (Tailsection and Subframe) will be 1.4 - 1.5 kg together.

I sat down (74kf) on my Carbon-Subframe,and nothing happened,no-what i wanted to say,the shock made nothing,no stroke,not even 1 mm!

The Pics :

Carbon-subframe1.JPG (73344 Byte)             Carbon-subframe2.JPG (74931 Byte)             Carbon-subframe3.JPG (92006 Byte)           Carbon-subframe4.JPG (121266 Byte)         Carbon-subframe5.JPG (95461 Byte)    



Carbon-subframe6.JPG (64691 Byte)

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