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So,began with a interim road rideable RC51-Solution.Ok,painted with a spray can,black dull-6$-2 1/2 Cans,fast and effective Solution if your Painter is not fastest under the sun and you wanna get a # plate next day.
.Btw:weighted 185kg (408 lbs) incl.Fuel with this Interim-Solution-thats nearly 40kg less or 88.3 lbs.A good spot to start with some weight lose undertakings.!It's not a very extensive rebuilt,but moreless easy and fast done,i needed about 3 days to move a new 51 into this status.To give you a list of whats done with this RC:( Engine Stock )


1. Short wire harness,electronic components located left front
2.a PC II added
3.Carbon Airbox (Volume  approx 35-38 Litres !!instad of stock7-8 ) 
4. Carbon Airbox Cover (This is the Item you see as Fueltank)
5 Carbon /Kevlar Fueltank
6.Carbon /Kevlar Seat
7.HRC Fairing Copy-ready to mount at stock fixing spots.I remoulded it for troubleless mounting.
8.My Cable Clutch Conversion
9.Radiators front !
10.Oilcooler replaced front right
11.Cyclon 5Ah Battery located in front of Oil sump Pan
13.moded Cam Covers-necessary for #9  and #5
14.Titan Exhaust,Carbon Cans
15.÷hlins shock-mounted a 66kg/cm Spring

Here's hybrid Projects beginning:


right Side:          Hybrid51-Projectstart-rightview.JPG (130404 Byte)                   leftside        Hybrid51-Projectstart.JPG (107106 Byte)


What i've done first,removing forks outside sealing-a recommendation!

ATTENTION:-then you've to exchange main sealing every 1500-2000 miles!

Step1  Hybrid51-detail-forksealingremove2.JPG (67591 Byte)    Step2 Hybrid51-detail-forksealingremove1.JPG (87144 Byte)     Step3Hybrid51-detail-forksealingremove.JPG (26192 Byte)


Here i made an on-block test for Rads location and headers conduct,to be sure having enough clearance        Hybrid51-detail-onblocktest.JPG (50599 Byte)


Mounted a RC30 ÷hlins shock, welded holders rod new-66kg/cm Spring i've choosen,works fine after first test ride today:

                                            Hybrid51-detail-rearview÷hlinsJPG.JPG (55086 Byte)                          Hybrid51-detail-shockexchange.JPG (116656 Byte)

A Provisional Dynotec Solution here:a Oilbreather (Separator),easydone,efficient -  

Oilbreather detail.JPG (54696 Byte)


Details of Battery location also of Oilcooler lines and fittings     Hybrid51-detail-battery+relais.JPG (89538 Byte)


A easydone reverse shiftmod,you need a hammer and a saw,at least one of them :
   Hybrid51-detail-shiftlever.JPG (105483 Byte)

These mods all in all are mostly bolt-on Solutions,maybe instead of the wire and Cam Covers,but i'll start to mod some stock wire harnesses - maybe i can exchange them for your stock harness.

The Cam Cover Job is fast done,a bit grinding,glueing-that's it.

The front/rearwheel weight balance seems to be very good now :95 kg front (209lbs) 90kg rear (198 lbs)  that's  51.3 % front. The Center of Gravity is extremly deep,because the Fuel,Battery,whole electronic re-location.

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