Honda's probably best kept secret:why they did they mount the Rads L+R.Can anybody re-enact? must we?

Nevertheless,if you're often on track,or bend to sudden excursions into Nature,it's cheeper i guess installing the Rads in Front as HRC. Better Air flow too.

I made some drafts for upper and lower Rad,now some Prototypes are ready,made by a Specialist in Germany.

But you've to cut ~ 4,5 cm of the front head Cover,seal it with Epoxy-glue and a Alloy plate,no Problem,locate the Oil-Cooler right side.

When Rads are ready for serial production guess Price is about 1650$ for upper and lower incl. the hoses,fittings incl.Oilcooler:

For Questions,mailto:

Something new also here:guess end of December i'll get a 2nd Prototyope upper+lower Rad Kit for fixing last shape.

Ok-June.but:what makes the difference.

So here the Pics of 06.06 Update:



Click to enlarge:06.06 update Pics

    Rads right rearview.JPG (102112 Byte)                   Rads right dark.JPG (73636 Byte)                        Rads right2.JPG (97221 Byte)           


Upper to lower conduct Detail  :  Rads detail uptolow.JPG (82867 Byte)    



Rad upper front1.JPG (98707 Byte)                   Rads front1.JPG (69479 Byte)                    Rads right1.JPG (67772 Byte)



 New Water Conducts:Thermostat/Emission Control Valve and Lines removed.       

           cutting info head cover:Head Cover cutting info1.JPG (49477 Byte)


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