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All Fiber-Products available on this Site are built from high-End Epoxy Resin  .You won't find Products built with cheep Polyester here .

- looking inside a RC51 fairing lower ( Carbon/Kevlar) :

- looking inside a RC51 fairing upper( Glassfiber) :


Products Overview : Click here 

The WSBK Edwards Tailsection has its own Section , because the Explanations and lots of Pics - Click here

Products overview....Top

Airbox , Fueltankdummy , Fueltank , Seat , Carbon Subframe     build  a rocket , keep the RC competitive !

 AIRBOX RC51   up to +11 hp more,and down to 7 lbs less weight.With Airfilter,what can you ask more......

Air-Scoops  for OEM Rads   200 % more opportunity to catch Air, isolation of heat from Frame and Engine 

Alternator-System superlight    83 - 91% reduced rotating inertia ,Top of  Engine-Mods

 Aluminum-Clutchplates for SP1/2 !  get rid of your steel-Plates , shave 66% rotating mass !!

 Big breather gasket Aluminum  to be mounted into front valve cover instead of OEM

Carbon WSBK Edwards Tailsection    ... it's Tailsection AND Subframe in one !!

CABLE CLUTCH   Problems to get of the Line ? We've got the Solution...............              

 CARBON-Subframe                            designed to fit with my Tailsection (HRC-copy or EVO)

 CARBON Battery -(+Starter-Relais) Bracket 3 of most recommendable Mods !!!!

 CARBON/Aluminum Rearsets   the best option to use 02 Swingarm Gap for High-mount Exhausts

 CARBON Evolution Ram-Air Snorkel      cross-Section up to 100% more vs. OEM

Carbon_Exhaust_Hangers_extreme  55gr. (0.12 lbs )each , and you're not able to break them !

Carbon-Hugger RC 51 2002 - 2007

CNC_machined_Velocity_stacks  - the Maximum of  Performance for your Injection Manifold , better than the HRC Funnels



Clutch-Basket cpl. Assy incl gear  CNC-Machined ,2lbs less,better shifting,accelaration......

Centre-mounted crashprotectors   trick assy , protects the Bike,no tip-over onto Fueltank 

EXHAUST SYSTEMS CUSTOM TITAN  you'll be guided to exhaust-main

Factory-Tailsection  driven in WSBK, direct copy from the Factory-Bike

Forkbottomprotectors for Öhlins    SOLD OUT                 

Fueltank(-dummy)-Airbox,Subframe-Tailsection-Assy a rocket .

High-Comp. Pistons      you'll be guided to Engine-Parts  

HRC-FAIRING-Copy Road or Race   no or one or 2 ...... ,4" or 2 1/4 " Headlights

PVM-PARTS....5 or 10 Spoke Wheels,Rotors,Calipers...I try to make the best price !

Radiator/Oilcooler Assy Front mount    with all the necessary brackets/hoses you need     
Rearbrake Assy superlight invisible       cpl.Assy same weight as only the 00-OEM-Bracket....

Radiator Air-Scoops    the Maximum of cooling for your OEM-Radiators !

Radial Brakemaster PT ....performance technology from Italy,CNC Machnined,no cheep cast...

Radial Brakemaster ISR        ...continiously adjustable stroke   !

Shock-Linkage  more grip, less tyre-wear ,and the Bike is more stable on the brakes

Swingarm conversion sleeves  necessary to bring in a 02-06 Swingarm into 00/01 Frame

superlight   Brakedisc-rear                                                            

 SR-RACING-Exhausts          not expensive ,not heavy,stainless steel

Slipper Clutch Assy'll be guided to Engine-Parts Section      
Tailsection              especially designed for my Carbon-Subframe (road or race available)

Underseat-Exhaust   requires 02 Swingarm + wire-harness mod
Wire Harness Modification    effex: as if you'd ride with an empty Fueltank,Option:Underseat-Exhaust 

Now i can offer the cpl.Kit:

Airbox,Fueltankdummy,Fueltank,Seat,Carbon Subframe.

Version I :

1. Airbox Glass
2. Fueltankdummy Glass
3. Tailsection  Glass incl. Hangers and Seatpad (optional Bracket for     #-Plate,Blinkers,Taillight)
4. Fueltank Carbon/Kevlar
5. Subframe Carbon                                                 


Version II:

1. Airbox Carbon
2. Fueltankdummy Carbon
3. Tailsection Carbon/Kevlar incl. Hangers and Seatpad (optional Bracket for #-Plate,Blinkers,Taillight)
4. Fueltank Carbon/Kevlar
5.Subframe Carbon                 


.........your Option,to reach less than 400 lbs full of Fuel  !          For Sale RC51 -5.JPG (128786 Byte)

          The sideview , Airbox + Fueltank :       Airbox-fueltank sidewiew klon.jpg (85348 Byte)         Fueltank-dummy-Assy Explanation.jpg (91353 Byte)

The Preconditions:
- Wire-Harness mod incl. Battery-Relocation
- Öhlins/WP or RC51-02 Shock
- Fuelpump Snorkel  prolong                                                                                                  Top  


               RC51 2002/3  (SP2-3) 

            Rearbrake Assy superlight: 


Rearbrake_assy6.jpg (81906 Byte)                      rearbrake detail 4.jpg (74183 Byte)                       


..... the Invisible Rearbrake-solution    :      

Put the whole std. SP2 reabrake assy on the scale:                      1260 gr

...then I put mine on the scale                                                       476 gr

means i've reduced the weight somewhat 66 % ,only 1/3 of std. weight remains !!!!!!

This rearbrake assy fits to every  SP2-3 or RC51 2002/3,useable with orign. Brakedisc !

For 2000/2001     RC51/ SP1 I'm able to modify the Assy to fit too






A comment from Lloyd Cooper Motorcycles (England) reg.the Cable clutch:

   ".....cable clutch is the best,coming out of hairpins so much feel,HRC should talk to you!"


Comment from North valley Honda (on CBR1000RR) :

"Thanks for getting these to us. We did put the CCC on
one of our Superbikes for Laguna Seca and it did fix
our problem of clutch grabbing on the racing start. We
can now rev the bike to 8000rpm and slip the clutch to
obtain a smooth start.


The antifreeze -reservoir Q,i always forget this strange Item,because-as i've typed it somewhere-it is probably in the way reg. the cable,so if,please use a not so a large Canister as reservoir,or much better,simple get rid of it.You'll remark all works also without it.Since i ride Motorcycles (17 years)i've removed this Item immediately when i bought a Bike. A logical-Q:when do you need most water-content ? When you've got hottest Temp,but then the Water-Can is at max.When you need no Water?When the Bike is in your Garage-but then you've got lowest water-level inside water-Can. 

New added pic,cable clutch on RC51   Cable clutch on RC51.jpg (77333 Byte)

The NEW ! unbelieveable Evolution -cable clutch    :                   



I've send a CCC to BMW-Motorcycle for a diploma,they've compared the CCC vs. the Hydraulic declutch-System

  Handforce-diagram Hydraulic Kupplungshandkraftdiagramm_hydraulic.jpg (89258 Byte)                               Handforce-diagram CCC Kupplungshandraftdiagramm__CCC.jpg (99307 Byte)



Choose the colour of each Part of the mechanism,i'll built each clutch especially for each Person then,you can choose black,blue ,silver,red,purple,gold,green.The whole cable clutch-Kit will content a Carbon-drivesprocket-cover,an alloy/adjustable hard metal head pressure rod,2 cpl.clutch-levers,high-Quality Cable with PTFE duct inside.All CNC milled,turned and anodized. 


These  steamgun-machines i've developed especially for RC51.Don't know yet where else they may fit.This cable Clutch conversion is a straight further stage related to the conditions of RC51. I.E. they won't fit for RC30,just to explain I've been regardless during the conception of this mechanism.It has never been of concern for me if it'll fit for other Bikes,that's what I've to detect next months or years.To all RC51 Customers,who've got my previous cable Clutch System and want to go for this one,i'll make a very good offer for a re-convert (or rebuilt) Kit,because this new Cable Clutch is based 60% on the previous linkage,but different location of the Parts.Well,caused by some more moving and turning Parts it's 23 gr heavier than the former one,180 gr instead of 157gr-or round about 0.39735 lbs total weight,even if I attempted to make Swiss cheese out of it.The weight increase is not the only disadvantage, the charge of somewhat 90$ vs. the previous one probably also. But you should know, this mechanism now has 3 Times needle-bearings (pure MOS2 -   grease inside) with 6 Times special PTFE-sealings + 2 Times double side sealed (ball-) bearings and a cara-metallic pressure-rod duct. I've compared at same de-clutch stroke like std. Hydraulic your at -40% less force you need, because the rest of your force will be eliminated at the hydraulic sealings.But apart from that the stroke is too high anyway, that's why (same as the other cable clutch concept) these mechanisms have an adjustable stroke .So combined: less hand-force you've to use basically + a 10-20 % decreased stroke will give only half of the hand force you need at present !It's very difficult to explain the possibilities of this conversion, and by what measurements you get this or that effex.But I found out a good working basic adjustment, which I'll pre-adjust at delivery, and this will work very good from the beginning.....ahem,yes that's what I forgot, and that's the main thing maybe: customers criticized the previous cable clutch can be damaged at a crash, that's what I've seen on my Bike also, and whole summer I've carried around ideas of other concept's with me which cannot be damaged at a crash, the only Q was if I'd ever find or can steal some Time to realize one of my ideas. I've stolen the Time, and-as I've typed, I've hammered and sawed the first raw working prototype in 2 days.So-i never expected to finish this little project so fast, but seems now it's done.

If you want to order you'll be able now to choose the color of each Part of the mechanism, I'll built each clutch especially for each Person then, you can choose black, blue ,silver,red,purple,gold,green.The whole cable clutch-Kit will content a Carbon-drivesprocket-cover,an alloy/adjustable hard metal head pressure rod,2 cpl.clutch-levers,high-Quality Cable with PTFE duct inside. All CNC milled,turned and anodized.

I can give a lifelong guarantee on this very dirt or dust insensitive concept,it's a steamgun-machine,combined with precision.



CNC machined Velocity stacks

A buddy of mine made some Funnels for  RC51 , from Aluminum - Art of work , similar to HRC .
CNC-machined and anodized ,with gulf-ball milling like the Factory - Bikes !!

Those are the first couple of Sets I got , they're bolt-on  RC51 2002-2007 ,









Whole front Rad/Oilcooler Assy incl. fittings


NEW: now on special request available with FAN !
       NEW:now also available powder-coated many colours !   

SP Kühleransicht.jpg (118555 Byte)                                    Radiators front-frontview.jpg (58458 Byte)                               

 NEW 2

Click HERE for explanation how all fits together and delivery content


Note : designed to fit with the Battery-Mod

This is status quo now:  I've developed a Oilcooler-upper Carbon-Bracket,fixed on Cylinder-head,lower Oilcooler spot to fix is either on lower Radiator or Oilpan (I decide that depending on which Exhaust is used ) .Upper Radiator Spots to fix: at Frame and Cylinder-Head,vertically Radiator fits to orign.02/03 Oilcooler-Bracket (which is mounted at Alternator-Cover).

The orign. Thermostat housing you're able to use,just have to turn it 180°,even fits with my Airbox !

My Experience past two years,the ave lowered Temp compared to std. side mount Rads is 
-25 °C. On track where I've been able to compare the Temps directly the side mount Rads went up to a max. of 116°C,where I've been with the front mount Radiators at 76°C.Means you'll be able with these Rads to keep your valuable maybe 135 hp,and not to loose 10-15hp by overheatened Engine Temps.


Wire Harness Modification

NEW III: calculate,if we swap the wire-harness: a wiremod road-useable is at 900 $,for track 700 $,the brackets at the moment you've to fab yourself. As i've typed somewhere,the wiremod is the base-as I see it- for ALL lightweight concepts.Once you've removed ALL the stuff inside your back your free to locate Can(s) below your Tailsection,you can cut your std. Subframe as you like it,or go for my Carbon-Subframe.But most important and dramatically effex is the weight loose + lowering the centre of Gravity and relocating the mass deeper and more to front.

As you can see it here,i've shaped a Bracket for #-Plate /Blinkers/Taillight,so you'll be able to be on road even with a Carbon-Subframe and my Tailsection                      
                                                                                                       RC51 std Fueltank+ my Tailsection.JPG (143334 Byte)

Weight info:

std. Wire-harness : 1.81kg      (4 lbs)

modified race wire-harness : 0.33 kg  (0.72 lbs)                         

modified road wire-harness : 0.39kg  (0.86lbs)    

                                          SP2 left view detail best.JPG (140786 Byte)                                                                          Top  

High-Comp. Pistons 

available now,forged by Mahle,Germany.

I've heard a lot good things about these Pistons past 2 years ,from customers and Racing-Teams which have used them and still use them  without any Problems reg. reliability and with great success concerning Hp increase and not burning Oil after a short Time as HRC. I've put them on the scale: 1st: they are very balanced,I've measured only 1/10 gr imbalance (thats 0.0002207 lbs) and they are very light ,as I've measured 385 gr compared to 423 gr std.,without piston -Bolt. Because the Bolt is much smaller I think It's another 20 gr less,so saves up to 60 gr,that's double of weight saving of HRC.  They come with piston-rings,piston-Bolt and clips.The Piston-surface shape and compression-ratio is identically to HRC,but the Price is much less at same Quality at least.


                     High-Comp Piston Surface Comparison 4.jpg (95939 Byte)



Camdrives Quitening gears removal:                        Top  




The latest CTS Quickshifter Generation,  rev.controlled,especially modified for RC51 Rev.-Signal.


 Recommendation ,a Quickshifter,the latest CTS edition is working now,i've tested the CTS yesterday (20.June) first Time,supergreat ! Recommendation,the sensors are usable for std.and reverse shifting          

Quickshifter detail best.jpg (101967 Byte)                                 explanation: Quickshifter detail 2explanation.jpg (108813 Byte)                

CTS-Shiftlight: especially made for RC51 /SP 5V Signal-Output            

Delivery-contend : shiftlight-Box,ultrabright Xenon-lamp


Carbon Exhaust Hangers extreme

A buddy of mine has shaped some nice filigree Carbon Exhaust Hangers here in the Workshop , made from 16 layers Carbon .
They weight 55 gr each , you're not able to crack them with the Power of your Hands , even they do not look so .
Designed for OEM mounting spots and OEM height of Cans .         





No more available: Rearsets Carbon/Aluminum


This rearsets include a lot of expensive high-precision ball-bearings , a brembo-Master , lots of Carbon into the levers , lot of Time for assembly .
Price on request .

                   Clutch side detail rearsets3Q50.jpg (86920 Byte)                                                                 rearsets left.jpg (70876 Byte)

Combineable with Quickshifter    rearsets left 2.jpg (113326 Byte)                 Rearsets Carbon-Aluminum.jpg (109360 Byte)


..... there's a lot of carbon vanishing into one lever...:         Carbon diagonal cut rearsets.JPG (119292 Byte)

Swingarm conversion sleeves ,CNC-Machined from T7075 Aluminum                                                            25 to 20mm Sleeves Engine.jpg (51772 Byte)

...which you need for 02 swingarm-rebuilt for 00/01  Models   89  $
Or to lighten your existing sleeve,which is made from steel.

2 Versions availble:

- I : If you have dissembled your Engine ,then it's easy just to mount the sleeve as it is
-II : if your Engine is mounted,I can machine the sleeve slightly (does not hurt the Function),that your able to press the sleeve into crankcase without removing the Engine


Radiator Air-Scoops

Pressurize your Radiators with cool Air !
Learned that from my 999 Vx-Project.

Designed to fit at every RC51 .
At the Modelwork I've paid attention  that those Ducts even fit with Fans ! A btw. Advantage: with Engine running but Bike stands still there's no heat-exchange from Engine/Frame/Headers to Radiator . The Maximum for your Bike !Available now , Carbon or Glass ,Weight : 230 gr (1/2 lbs)  for both ducts .

The bang for the buck  :
1. double to triple amount of Air, which can reach the Radiators, through maximum usage of available Space
2. the good feeling, that no heat can reach the Rads while you stand still .
3.the opportunity the reverse the rotation of the Fans ( simple inevert the 2 wires ) so that the Fans then will pump the Air from inside to outside, so now then there's a way higher efficiency of cooling through the fans during riding
4. no further necessary rebuilt except to relocate the horn (fix it at the Engine-starter-screw) and to remove the PAIR-hose (but I assume nearly everyone has already done this )
5.Makes front-rads nearly superflouos.
6: more Horsepower, considered from the point, that you do not loose HP through unnecessary heat .

The Maximum you can do to your your you.

First Track-results :

I have now first results from my friends , who have been somewhere deep down in spain on atrack somewhere fo a couple of days .One of the guys drove my front-mount rad setup, the other one the scoops mounted .
When I asked for average temps it came out, when the front mount Rads have been at 75° ,the guy with the scoops ran at 81° , so very close .
Very important , the guy with the scoops also mounted my HRC-Copy fairing, but he has missed to isolate the Rads to the Fairing (OEM has some kind of Foam on the fairing-inside, and some on the Rad itself) .
This Isolation is really useful too, and I'd assume that this would give another minus 2-4° .

From Speedzilla Message boards :
"Thorstens rad scoops
Installed a set on my 05 RC, the fit was very good a small amount of trimming on the right front to get the fairing to fit ( used tin snips ).The hardest part was getting the stock hoses of the radiators. I also reversed rotation of the fans at the same time. After a month of riding I am very pleased with them. Temps have ranged from 50 degrees to 80 degrees the bike never got over 176 in normal running 50-65 MPH.At long lights it took a little longer for the temps. to climb and as soon as we moved they went down much quicker.I really reccomend this mod. for the street it was worth the work."

"Yes I agree with everyone regarding these scoops. Really helps the ole girl out with temps. The rads need to be drained to run the hoses thru the scoops. The rads are fully isolated from the engine bay now and air is sucked from front of bike now. Temps drop real fast now, I never see over 175-180 while moving.I just threw them in over the winter. I havent been using them in 90s yet but will be soon. We had a few 70+ days so far and noticed the temps drop faster with the scoops. You can also feel the hot air blowing out while at a stand still ".


Airscoops  :

..........................................................................................................Pictures from
2002-2006 Model  :

                    Radiator Ram-Air R assembled 1.jpg (180565 Byte)             Radiator Ram-Air L assembled 1.jpg (171152 Byte)                Radiator Ram-Air L 1.jpg (187125 Byte) Sealing-Demo Radiator Ram-Air sealing.jpg (166856 Byte)


..............................................................................................................Pictures from 2000-2001 Model :

Airscoop 00-01 RC51 lside nacked.jpg (92978 Byte)          Airscoop 00-01 RC51 rside.jpg (119503 Byte)         Airscoop 00-01 RC51 lside mounted.jpg (159411 Byte)        Airscoop 00-01 RC51 lside w-rad.jpg (95012 Byte)        Airscoop 00-01 RC51 rside mounted.jpg (140323 Byte)


For who still have the OEM fairing ,here's the cutting Info of front cowl for best results of Airductucting and sealing OEM_front_cowl_cut.jpg (165112 Byte)


May 26/2007 - Airscoops efficiency , Water cooling / logged results .

A friend of mine was on track last weekend with his RC51 :
-tuned Engine with high-Comp Pistons
-Motec equipped
-the Airscoops mounted

He sent me his logging file , and what you can see from there is , that the Airscoops  have a extreme efficiency .
It was really hot outside (33°C- 35°C ) , and Ralf really made throttle as he could .

The temps of the Water  ( measured at the OEM spot , where the hot water leaves the Engine ! ) therefore have been real low -check the Picture .
Note : 20-25 °C less temps at this level is meaning noticeable more horsepower , because nearly all ECU's try to preserve the Engine from a damage at high temps by reducing the Power .

Logging Motec M4 pro - Motec Interpreter , Lausitzring 20.05.2007  RC51 :   



Crashprotectors center -mounted:

For 2000/01  and 2002 to 2006 RC51  , the best Protektors on Market.                    

                  Crashprotectors detail left side 1.jpg (59117 Byte)                           Crashprotectors detail right side 1.jpg (80654 Byte)                                Crashprotectors1.jpg (79554 Byte)


because the protectors are mounted much higher than all the others on Market,there's close to no chance that the Bike tips over onto Fueltank at a crash . Addittional the Protectors are mounted on a hanger,which is using 2 Spots to be fixed,so no chance to damage/tear-up the engine-mount spot,because the impact does not come directly :    

The 00/01 RC51 Frame is slightly different , compared to later RC's , so please let me know year of Produktion of your Bike .



Forkbottomprotectors for Öhlins

Only a few Sets available:      Forkprotectors.jpg (73634 Byte)


Carbon-Hugger RC 51 2002 - 2007                RC51 Hugger 2002-2007 Pic 2.jpg (166349 Byte)

(Note : 2 Aluminum-Brackets to attach the Hugger you've to make yourself )                                                                  Top

Dynoruns :click here  , Customer Reports : click here  

Airbox install : click here   ,Airbox details : click here
Available for 00/01/02/03/04/05/06  RC51- Models.




      Available Road Versions :      

       Airbox Glass RC51-2000/01(SP-1)               
      Airbox Glass RC51 2002/- 06 (SP-2)             

      Airbox GlassRC51-2000/01  (SP-1)           
      (Carbon/Kevlar reinforced):                            
      Airbox Glass RC51 2002/-06 (SP-2)               
      (Carbon/Kevlar reinforced)  :                           

      Airbox CarbonRC51-2000/01(SP-1)  :          
      Airbox CarbonRC51 2002/-06 (SP-2)  :         

Delivery Content:

Airbox with insets mounted for Temp-sensor
Provisions for :
- Gas cables
- Fuelline to manifold
- Manifold Fuelline back to Fueltank
- Oilcatchtank Exit
Wire mesh front (removable,for easy Filter maintenance) -  Street Version only
2 fine/medium double filters (one spare)                                -        Street Version only
1 sealing rubber for fueltank front underside
1 Sealing rubber for plug of injection-manifold

No further modification on your RC 51 necessary  , check the pictured installation-guide HERE


An Explanation Airbox SP2-RC51/2002  (for Fueltank-dummy),incl.Breather-Box            

SP2 Airbox(fueltank-dummy)explanation.jpg (74847 Byte)             


Here's an Airbox sealing demo,to explain how Fueltank underside sealing work: Airbox sealing demo.jpg (101634 Byte)

Aluminum-Clutchplates for SP1/2 !

Was a mistake not to offer them here inside the english Section of the Products List , so here they are now, for all european or non-US customers ( in US you can order directly at Hyperplates) . Inside top 10 of  "the bangs for the buck " ,because decreasing rotating mass has most effex of all kinds of weight-savings . 2 lbs or close to 500 gr you get rid of  , better accelaration and handling guarantee ! The lighter the Bike is , the more you'll feel this mod . Those Plates have been used here in championchip with a CBR1000rr the whole Racing-season without wear , and on my own RC51 I've got those Aluminum Plates installed now for a couple of years without need of exchange.Easy swap,estimated 20 minutes Maximum , no drain of Engine-oil necessary . 

Hyperplates  Aluminium Kupplungsplatten , NEU !.jpg (193857 Byte)                                                                                                                     Top  



 OEM-Copy !!                     paint suggestion RC51-2.jpg (138815 Byte)

re-designed and modeled to fit for stock RC51-fits to stock mounting spots,stock  exhaust and is designed for side stand and so on,a 20 seconds bolt on Solution.Btw: you can keep your std. Airsnorkel ,you get rid of the expensive std headlight and weight,you can easily repair it yourself-if you want,you can get a repair-Kit with it.


What I wanted to tell all the Time:this fairing has 3 different sources:the best features of std. fairing,mixed with best features of HRC-Fairing,and,to round it up I've added some features too.
1.If you have a pure HRC Copy you've to cut out fairing for side-stand,cut the Intake to fit for std.Snorkel.The fairing is also not close against Frame l/r,and with very sharp borders.
2. A copy of std. fairing hasn't got the better Aerodynamics of HRC-fairing (I.E. the Windshield is 4 cm longer),also the 90° angle which covers against Frame looks like shaped form a Box,that why i've somewhat 110°,looks much nicer.
3. have a look at this Pic,there you can see this inside shaped Border running from the front up to windshield.That's a harmonic shape i think,it neither exist on std. nor HRC Copy fairing.SP2_USA_fairing_front_detail_edge.jpg (89725 Byte)

      Track:                                                                           Endurance Style Bilux:10cm leftendurance-fairing explanation rossi.jpg (125729 Byte)
      1  x 10cm headlight (Bilux)                              
      2  x 10cm headlights(2 Bilux)                        



      2  x  6 cm parabolic lights:                                  Paint suggestion RC51 -1.jpg (101412 Byte)

      Version leftright:                                                     
      Version leftleft or rightright                               


 REQUIRED,because -even if the HRC Fairing looks very similar to stock it's very different -the lower cowling is deeper and smaller,the upper section is shaped for better Aerodynamics,i.E. the windshield is approx. 1 1/2 " longer and somewhat 2" higher to give better protection at high-speed.Around windshield-border of fairing ALL fairings are Carbon/Kevlar reinforced,so you'll be able to mount light mirrors:    


       Special Windshield,bubble racing,clear or smoke grey                   

       Special Fairing - Stay Stainless Steel                                        

       6 Fast-Connectors to connect upper and lower fairing               

       2 mirrors light ,each :                                                                 




Available also-clear Polycarbonat Headlight-Covers,to keep the Aerodynamic Values-

        ......the weight:

                              Glassfiber fairing cpl.upper and lower incl.2 headlights: 6.5 - 7 lbs

                              Carbon/Kevlar fairing cpl.upper and lower incl.2 headlights: 5.5 - 6 lbs


Thats a great option to get rid of weight-to get a permanent repairable fairing-to get rid of these horrible expensive std.headlights !





Tailsection                             Basic rebuilt view rear incl proud owner.JPG (114253 Byte)

This Tailsection is especially shaped to suit for my Carbon-Subframe,note: the precondition is to do the wiremod and battery-relocation (scroll down)


Delivery-Content "ROAD"  : incl.Seatpad and #-Plate/Blinker/taillight Bracket(Glass),Carbon with Charge.

Delivery-Content "TRACK"  : incl.Seatpad 

Closed underside:prepared to fix Can-Hangers

Also:Glass or Carbon/Kevlar Tailsection are both reinforced massiv by Carbon/Kevlar to mount the Hangers for the Cans,both made with Epoxy-Resin,and closed underside,it'll suit to a HRC or my Carbon-Subframe or std.Subframe ,if modified.


   A :   Tailsection Glass (track-open underside Version) 
   B :   Tailsection  Glass          (
track,closed underside)    
   C :   Tailsection Glass (
road-open underside Version)  
   D :   Tailsection  Glass           (
road,closed underside)   

   E :  Tailsection Carbon/Kevlar        (
track-open underside Version)           
   F :  Tailsection Carbon/Kevlar                   (
track,closed underside)           
  G  :  Tailsection Carbon/Kevlar        (
road-open underside Version)            
  H  :  Tailsection Carbon/Kevlar                    (
road,closed underside)            


The OPEN underside Version will fit also to a modified stock Subframe,is NOT reinforced and WITHOUT #-Plate Bracket,but incl.Seatpad -and made by Epoxy-Resin too.

......not to spread the Tailsection too much to get it on the Subframe: i'd recommend to relocate some of the Electronics incl Brackets more inside.


Factory-Tailsection / NO ! Monocoque
Factory-Tailsection , driven by Slight and Edwards in WSBK , a very special one .
By fortune I got hold of such a HRC-factory tailsection , which has some very special design-features .
1st to mention of course, the seperated and quickly removable and exchangable seat, which allows to ride different ride-heights by fast swap of the seat only with Quick-connectors .Then: below this seat there's space to locate the ECU .Closed underside and addittional at the rear end left and right you've got mounting-spots at the Tailsection to attach the Can-hanger . And last but not least from the shape it's prepared to duct the headers as factory style left and right with enough clearance . But-of course it is custom-work to make it matching to OEM subframe .

Available now . Factory-Tailsection Glassfiber  or Carbon

Pictures from the first Prototype I made .


           Factory_Tailsection_2.jpg (103094 Byte)             Factory_Tailsection_7.jpg (111220 Byte)             Factory_Tailsection_Exhaust_hanger_mounting_spot_2.jpg (78147 Byte)                    Top  


Evolution Ram-Air Snorkel           

Pure Carbon                            0.41 lbs !            Stock:1.34 lbs

.....some Notes reg.the Snorkel:

1. high volume Airflow -you know the effex of only the flapper-remove-mod
2.but the steering angle then has to be limited (decreased)
3.i can supply a Carbon  display-bracket now for std.Dashboard!
4.For straight milled lower triple clamps you may have a Problem to get it in,OEM no Prob.
5. You've to use 2pcs.steel Brake Lines,and......
6.with std. Dashboard it only works with a Radial Brake Master-Cylinder (otherwise you'd get no space to place the dashboard)
7. you've to remove the std. clutch master Cyl. and exchange vs.Radial Clutch Master or Cable Clutch lever
8..     !!!    But if you use a  round Rpm-Meter as HRC-forget # 3+6 +7  !!
9. you've to decrease the steering angle,not much-3mm is enough:a sample Steering angle limiter.JPG (135432 Byte)
10.matches best with HRC-Fairing Copy,not recommendable with OEM or OEM-copyed Fairings 


Available now:Snorkel incl. Air-Filter    :Snorkel incl.Filter.JPG (86230 Byte)


For further information and more Pics,move: Ram-Air-Snorkel

A comparison:      Evolution-Ram-Air-Snorkel vs.stockQ5.jpg (71733 Byte)


Framecovers RC51 2000-2007, long Version , not available at present

I know , lot of other companies are doing stuff like that , but I hate it to put Parts from others on my Bike which I could fab , so I made my own Framecovers .

Not a big thing , as I've mentioned first Page , but available now . Time to mount them should be less then 2 Minutes , because the rear side is equipped with a2,5mm high-strenght self-adhesive stripes ,which easily can be removed , not this do-it-by-yourself silicone solution, where you will scratch your whole Frame once you try to remove it .

And : Flexible ,no coat will get cracks at a slight ground contact , because it's made with high-end Epoxy resin and no massive gelcoating.

And  : light , 212 gr a pair (without the stripes.. ) . 

And : long , protects also the cast reat end of the Frame

                      The Stripes   Framecover rearside.jpg (90270 Byte)          Mounted    Framecover mounted.jpg (131697 Byte)              The Flexibility  Framecover flexibility.jpg (114622 Byte)



CARBON-Subframe               Basic rebuilt view left2.JPG (101929 Byte)

The Spots for the screws to fix and the centre of stress are provided with 25 ! Ply's Carbon

Version 1 suit's to my Tankdummy  1.23 lbs  !                

Version 2 suits to orig-Fueltank  1.16 lbs !               

Carbon-Subframe with Tailsection ,Demo.jpg (84541 Byte)   

Click Picture,you'll see the tailsection from underside with mounted Subframe.


...........the Carbon subframe works with std. and also with my underseat Fueltank,precondition:

do the wiremod !For more inf's:  RC51 basic rebuilt

CARBON Battery -(+Starter-Relais) Bracket

Battery-Mod : No 1 of all recommendable Mods !!!!!!!!!!!!!!       Battery-Bracket + battery.jpg (82790 Byte)

Now especially designed Carbon  Battery Bracket available,with MAX.! lowerded  Centre of Gravity.

Fit with my Radiators.

Effex of entering a corner ,raw estimated : as if you'd ride with 7 Liter Fuel less !!

Prepared to carry starter-relais ,also option to carry the rectifier 


A front view detail-Picture,with rectifier also mounted      Battery-Bracket setup incl. rectifier.JPG (89633 Byte)


 Battery Relocator  Carbon                                                                

 BATTERY therefore:     Yuasy YTX 7 A-BS  - 6Ah                         

                         Bild0341.jpg (110592 Byte)      .....even can survive a hard crash                         Top 


ISR -Radial Brakemaster       ISR Radial master.jpg (81887 Byte)

on stock,CNC-machined, anodized,multi-adjustable 19mm basic bore , but through a smart mechanism inside you're able to adjust the stroke continously,which leads into covering brakemasters from 17- 21 mm bore




PT-Radial Brakemaster

  on stock,verylight : ,CNC-machined ,19mm bore,288gr total,every spare-Part available.Adjustable Lever ,completely hard-anodized, with bleeding-srew            



Shock-Linkage               CNC-Linkage.jpg (82565 Byte)

5Axle CNC machined from Ergal-Aluminum

... I've tested it on the track, a REAL improvement : much more grip and less wear of the tyres

calculated progression identical to HRC 03  .This linkage is 500 gr (or more than 1lbs) lighter than stock.But of course expensive, It's  ncl. bearings, but HRC  03 linkage (heavy ugly cast)
Delivery of course ready to mount including all bearings and sealings.

NOTE -IMPORTANT : it's -same as HRC -designed to fit with a lower shock "Eye" and not the "fork"-type as OEM . A Öhlins shock is easy to rebuilt,you simple can order the lower "Eye" from Ohlins,probably all the other aftermarket shocks are also able to rebuilt.


Turned Big breather gasket Alloy 22mm dia.-for front valve cover : 484 mm2 instad of  169 mm std.

.........your Engine should'nt be a Compressor

                      breather gasket comparison.jpg (35999 Byte)                                                                      Top       


 superlight   BRAKEDISC   REAR                                       Top    

RC51 Superlight disc rear.jpg (116137 Byte)

....!!! not intended to be used with small calipers ,but recommendation for all who decided to keep their std. rear caliper

PVM-PARTS                  Check out:

Contact me for Prices and availability


....NEW: the "Y" Spoke Design Wheels !!!


      PVM Master Cylinder                                                 


     Radial Calippers  : price on request    Radial calips1.JPG (126783 Byte)


    5 Spoke forged and milled alloy wheels,bolt on , incl. Sprocket carrier and brakedisc,optional      "wave" ,and optional also you can go for a smaller Sprocket-carrier made from Magnesium,it's the lowest possible weight Solution! 

PVM Light rearbrake assy  SP2 rearbrake detail.JPG (323640 Byte)

                               PVM Wheel-set  6Spoke,choose colour           


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