4th or 5th of September i'll add a bunch of new  Pics on this Page,but for now,please click for latest Pics:      

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So,re-located the Oilcooler a 3rd but last Time,got 8 mm clearance to fairing and Engine.Yet i've been smarter ,made the brackets from Alu,but before i made the cuttings i made a Glassfiber copymould,so i'll be able to built them in Carbon now for definitive fixing of Oilcooler !I know Oillines lenght now ,Angle of fittings-if you want the info,contact me.Here the details of provisional Alu-Brackets:

                   !RC51-workshop Pics re-location Oilcooler.JPG (91464 Byte)                         !RC51-workshop Pics re-location Oilcooler2.JPG (124914 Byte)


The top holder for HRC-fairing:  200gr-stainless steel :         !RC51-Outside Pics detail  Frontholder.JPG (49420 Byte)


Here's the fueltank-dummy inside mould,you see the crossing reinforment rips-very efficient.Even if the dummy is only 2 lbs you can stay on it,means you can put a load of maybe 180 lbs without a movement of the top-seems to be the secret why the Bike has nearly no intake-noise when you wind throttle.


inside Dummy.jpg (52605 Byte)


Here a bendability-demo of my Glassfiber-fairing:    1         bendabiliy demo1.JPG (60045 Byte)



                                                                               2        bendabiliy demo2.JPG (90165 Byte)


The Airbox Filter Solution i ride now : a oiled foam+ grating,works very well:      Airbox-filter.jpg (85329 Byte)


Thats what you've to do to ride my fueltank assembly,grind down the valve-chamber of emission-cleaning System,it's important to get some Space for Air-circulation,easydone:

         Pic1         !RC51-workshop Pics detail mod camcover.JPG (60556 Byte)                        Pic2          !RC51-workshop Pics detail mod camcover2.JPG (89986 Byte)







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