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-Clutchgearmod i.E.clutch-gear2.JPG (46567 Byte)

 The difference regarding my full Project:

1.Fork/triple Clamps
4. Master Cylinder
5.Ported Engine
6.Quietening gears removed
7.light Alternator
8.lighter clutch -Projectstate       --- here are some Pics of  machined (erodized?) Clutch      Sprocket,13mm thick (made 08.14),have an alloy centre in mind,in the End i want a dry clutch,we'll see

clutch-gearreverse.jpg (65318 Byte)               clutch-gearreverse3.jpg (30362 Byte)

9.light rearbrake assembly rear-Projectstate
10.light shiftdrum-Projectstate
11.lighter drivechain 520 -alloy sprocket
12.a newdesigned fairing incl. Carbon - Snorkel (50% finished)
13.Titan Bolts-alloy nuts.......

I don't know where i may find hidden weight next couple of months at this Bike,i hope to collect another 10-13  kg. In the end i estimate 173-178 kg cpl.incl Fuel and so on.


Real tricky to find right angle bended hoses for water conduct,also,Oil lines are above Oilfilter,to get some space for battery-real cramped matter.



The very detailled Oilcooler assembly here: !Hybrid51-detail-oilcooler2.JPG (154252 Byte)


!Hybrid51-detail-frontradview.JPG (139509 Byte)This is the leftside frontview,some impressions of the rads,wire harness +electric(tronic)
components location


The left overallview,maybe a guideline for your Mods?   !Hybrid51-leftoverallview.JPG (125226 Byte)          !Hybrid51-leftoverallview3.JPG (101597 Byte)


                        !Hybrid51-rightoverallview.jpg (91154 Byte)                     The right overallview    


Ti-Headers conduct details:(watch the brakefluid can)         !Hybrid51-detail-Ti-in2conduct.jpg (75762 Byte)




The Rads connect detail,dont mind the welding skills,next set will be much more perfect,just to demonstrate cramped matter here         

!Hybrid51-detail-radsconnect.JPG (37957 Byte)




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