more GP-Stylish and 3.5 inch smaller !







......more Pics: hybrid or full Project-Sections



       began with the Airbox Cover,which is also the Fueltank dummy.
       By this concept i get three very interesting advantages:

       1st:  weight lose of std.7 kg lead Fueltanki

       2nd: increase of Airbox Volume from std. 7.5 Litres to (with my Airbox) 23 L, to about 32 Litres !!

       3rd: Centre of Gravity is located more to the bottom-the greatest advantage.


Hm,difficult to express,what the fuel Tank is:the thing you see or where the fuel is ?

Not very impressive somehow,began with the fuel Tank design(stock Tank design is more than catastropal).Thats only a Airbox Cover,the Tank is located somewhwere else.

No problem to manufacture a stock RC51 Tank from Carbon-but not my objective.
QB (BQ ?)-Carbon is a good adress for copyed Items.



Here the cutting lines






Where it all starts,first cuttings   Tank dummy1.JPG (50485 Byte)         Tank dummy5.JPG (47658 Byte)       Tank dummy7.JPG (35214 Byte)

                           Then fix all from inside     Tank dummy6.JPG (66513 Byte)                             

 Tank dummy4.JPG (52176 Byte) next: remove the fuel Cap swelling

         these tiny stresses cost more than a day work Tank dummy3.JPG (40613 Byte)         Tank dummy2.JPG (44842 Byte)


Tank dummy8.JPG (40186 Byte)                                      Tank dummy9.JPG (52030 Byte)  







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