first Prototype Pics

Now i added real new Stuff.

FirstPics of Carbon Kevlar Fueltank-the Fueltank dummy now Carbon ,seat Carbon Kevlar.


...only an announcement,guees end of this month the cpl.upper Section (Fueltank dummy especially for this new designed Fueltankdummy a new Airbox ,the real Fueltank + Tailsection and subframe) is finished.When i add the weights :

1:Fueltank dummy 900 gr  (1.980  lbs)
2:Airbox                440 gr  ( 0.968 lbs)
3:Subframe            560 gr  (1.232 lbs)
4:Tailsection           820 gr  (1.804 lbs)
5:Fueltank            1500 gr  (3.300 lbs)
Total                    4220 gr   (9.284 lbs)

You can express it many ways now,maybe:whole assembly is 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) less than only the std. Fueltank.Or 800 gr (1760 lbs) less than only one std.Can.Or: hah-much better:


A Note:it's no Problem for me to copy the std. Fueltank in Carbon , Carbon/Kevlar or whatever,but it's a Question of how much you're tired of Life.Who already had a crash will know.I've got many Inquirys here in Germany from all the crashed guys ,the've damaged the Fueltank first ( 50% is caused by the crap shape).But even if you choose a maybe 8 cm smaller shape in width the risk will stay-and you'll burn.That's because there is a chance still sitting or be in contact with the Bike while the Fueltank hits the Ground-Carbon will tear up then.

So-where i've located the Fueltank (in the area below my Carbon Subframe),the Fueltank is really protected by mainframes brackets where you normally fix your std. Subframe.So if shit must happen you must be far away from the Fueltank,because before theres no chance the Fueltank can be damaged.

Maybe today i demould the first Fueltank-when i've got all spots for fixing you get the Pics.

06.06-got the welded Rads today-can offer them next month !A preview-click here





Seems now i'm not far away from being able to sell this assembly-guess mid of August.All Items will fit together,the approx Fuel Volume is 15 Litres thats more than you'll have  Energy on block being fast-of course on track.The Centre of gravity is located extremly deep with this Solution,you'll enter a corner faster than a 600cc Yamaha R6-the Airbox Volume extremly high-guess 37 Litres (means 400 -500 % of stock Airbox).The Weights you've seen at the Entrance.A Note here:estimated the fueltank weight wrong,not 1500 gr (3.3 lbs)-1200 gr now so 2.64 lbs,but ok,Fuelcap at Time not included.You'll be able to ride this assembly under following conditions:

a piggybag(cable) shock

a shortened wire harness

A easily done Fuelpump mod


Ok,next:have you seen the Cans,wondered about the Colour?Yeah,thats what money can't buy(at Time),it's from the DuPont research,the textile is real Titan !!!Hm,maybe never,maybe in a few years it's available-i didn't know what to built out off that stuff-so i made some Cans from,but to prevent some Inquirys-these textile was only enough for 5 Cans (2 RC30-3 RC51) so i wont be able to manufacture more of them .







The Fueltank-details first:


                                                    I                                                      II

Fueltank Details.JPG (71494 Byte)              Fueltank Details2.JPG (79669 Byte)

                                              III                                                  IV

Fueltank Details3.JPG (90564 Byte)                   Fueltank Details4.JPG (82246 Byte)   

  I                                 II

the Fuelpump mod:  Fuelpumpmod1.JPG (126099 Byte)                  Fuelpumpmod3.JPG (42999 Byte)                            


Then:some Fueltank dummy impressions!

                                Fueltank dummy I                                              II

Export-Assistent-1.gif (114939 Byte)                                     carbonklon2.JPG (43729 Byte)    


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