Noticeable to me: 

The Quitening gears,destinctly hearable you loose about 2 hp with this more than superflouos gears-additional also a more than crap Engine-sound.

Get rid of :these nearly everywhere located 2nd sprockets,built to flatter your ears,to gloss over the real basic Engine sound.

Below you see the Present you get,900 gr of  useless steel,that hardly is good for nothing except to decrease your accelaration ,to destroy your valuable and expensive payed power.

Destroy your TV with them, about 5-7 crap soaps you can eliminate.                                    Verspannungszahnräder.jpg (52858 Byte)





                                                                Thank you for you patience




















These sprocket stays you have got on every camshaft,at the bottom,of each cam                     new camsprockets side.jpg (37204 Byte)
drive,and on the primary Sprocket.Camshafts - and primary sprocket Stays are very easy to remove,if you've got the mechanical skills for ex. to change brake Pads you're able to remove them.Each stay is supplied with 3 springs therefor the pockets you see on the detail Pics,also some washers and "Safety rings ?" .Removing the Camdrive stays is not that easy,you've to cut them in 2 halfs ,before you can remove them,as you see on the Pics.
Concerning the durability:don't waste a second thought on it,my RC30 Engine is running now for 45000 km with that mods,and theres NOT ONE kind of a zero effect-the effect you realise at accelaration.

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