Delivery content: Radiator upper,Radiator lower (left side) ,Oilcooler ( right side) ,upper Radiator bottom mounting Spot Bracket,side Radiator lower mounting spot bracket,machined Alumium Fittings for Oilcooler ,2 x 90   and 2 x Big-Ball Straight , (optional : assembled,depends on Exhaust-System),Aluminum connecting- tubes 1" for upper and lower Radiator,carbon Bracket for upper mounting Spot of Oilcooler.  1960$

Note: those radiators are NOT done by cutting larger Rads into pieces to get the correct dimensions.

Making rads this way means you've to fab top/bottom (sides) from sheet-metal which you've to fix then on the rad with some welding at the water-housings and rivets between on the thin remaining aluminum (ex-water duct).
It's a way you can do Rads,but not mine.So the Rads below,as you might see on the Pic -when you have a close look- are especially made those diamensions,which are required for RC51,and-of course they are prepared to fit for (what I think ) one of the most important mods :The Battery-relocation !



The original-hose  :  Orig hose to use.jpg (62476 Byte)           

    Cutted here at 14,3 cm:         Orig hose to use-cutting info.jpg (59197 Byte)             


     The veryfirst Pics from 2000



Rad upper front1.JPG (98707 Byte)                   Rads detail uptolow.JPG (82867 Byte)