Made a Ti header-System for std. fairing and so on,not more clearance than 2-5 mm

             conc. Swingarm ,Oil-Pan,Fairing .

             Real hard work.

             Guess i'am able to produce about 6-8 cpl. Systems incl. Cans a year .

             Reason is : 6-8 weeks it takes,before i'm in the mood doing this work again.







                            Some assorted Pics from building ,enlarge if you're interested in:


A Total:i nearly finished the headers,and my friends drunk beer

Stock RC51 Ti header  total.JPG (123146 Byte) 


The 2 in 1 in 2 Section ,to get space for foot you must have real Patience cutting each element 

Stock RC51 Ti header 11.JPG (81302 Byte)                       Stock RC51 Ti header 9.JPG (62741 Byte)


Thats the Space between Swingarm and Header        Stock RC51 Ti header 10.JPG (36881 Byte)


This way you looking for Solutions,tighten the front header somewhere,so he's got 2 mm 

clearance to Frame and 5 to fairing,then you make an attempt to conduct the rear header

next to the front one.

Stock RC51 Ti header 2.JPG (51129 Byte)             Stock RC51 Ti header 3.JPG (45053 Byte)


This is one of the hardest sections,you've got no Space,you've to meet the right angle 

showing out of the fairing  and to conduct closest as possible but not to contact 

Swingarm,redirection,rearsets ,fairing.


       Stock RC51 Ti header 4.JPG (70855 Byte)        Stock RC51 Ti header 5.JPG (65160 Byte)               Stock RC51 Ti header 7.JPG (48113 Byte)          Stock RC51 Ti header.JPG (56385 Byte)                  


The 2 right Can conduction,with total Pics incl.Carbon Cans i guess i can provide you in 2 

weeks,because Cans Caps have to be turned and welded before.


       Stock RC51 Ti header 6.JPG (28558 Byte)              Stock RC51 Ti header foot.JPG (60549 Byte)             Stock RC51 Ti header 8.JPG (52252 Byte)








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