Nicht Jedermanns Sache,meine schon

garnicht,nur - von selbst..........u.s.w.


Also 3 Tage den Kopf ins Lötbad getaucht,vorher noch einmal geschaut,was man denn noch alles

an Relais und Krams überhaupt braucht,wo dann der Rest sitzen soll,sitzen kann - und dann ab mit 

der Kettensäge durch den Original-Kabelbaum: think once cut twice-geht schneller.


Mageinersagenwaserwill: Immerhin1.6 kg nur im Kabelbaum gefunden,ganz abgesehen von den 

Armaturen,Zündschloss,etc.-und,den ganzen Murks hinten raus,das hat was-mageinersagenwaserwill.











So,began with the 2nd RC51,from  Zero all again,but now i made some Pics for you of the Wire-loom-mods growing,means,where you can start and how (not necessary should..). Bending,sawing ,filing, thats maybe not for everyone,but it's easyer done and faster,if you know,where to start.

To Enumerate each bit,which is to relocate:

 1 .Battery + Starter-relais              Battery-bracket1.JPG (71904 Byte)            Battery-bracket2.JPG (71929 Byte)          Battery-bracket3.JPG (65933 Byte)


2. The CPU           Electronics Location CPU.JPG (86088 Byte)          Electronics Location CPUdetail.JPG (74303 Byte)

you need a 2nd thread for upper bracket,same shape



3. The Ignition Box           Electronics Bracket Ignition-Box.JPG (57038 Byte)                                      Electronics Location Ignition-Box+Rectifier.JPG (99058 Byte)



4.Rear Coil (shorten the ignition Cable then)             Electronics Location Coil rear.JPG (103288 Byte)            Electronics Bracket Coil rear.JPG (52187 Byte)

Therefor use the std.front ignition Coil-bracket,tighten it only with one screw-no Problem.


5.Front Coil                Electronics Location Coil Front.JPG (82639 Byte)

  Make a thread into Frame,i've cutted out the rear std.Bracket from Subframe to be faster.

6.....and 4 Relais you've to store,i made a bracket for all-also a overall- view:  Electronics Location1.JPG (149031 Byte)


So-i'll provide you with pics of every step from  wireloom growing next weeks.


The old Site:


  Took about 3 days to mod this Wire,had to

look,where the Ignition,Relais ..... can take place.The objective was :still keeping the std.didital

Cockpit,but the rest must be a
roaduse cutted wire for lowest possible weight,by


- location of every Item as far as possible in the Centre of Bike

-whole electrical components  at one side

-minimum lenght of each wire,so:

- everything had to come together in one area (max .distance -coil to coil 40 cm)


the weight effex: 1.7 kg less weight,not included secondary effects as battery cable lenght,missing switch ,ignition cable lenght,minimum of holders,etc.

Steering effex :.......       












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