The first RC51 Engine I've made and which was on the dyno,still with original Cams.
Moreless done: Pistons,porting,Titan-Exhaust in 1,Airbox and HRC-ECU :

             Crank delivery                                                Rearwheel output

            Dynorun Finland crankshaft.jpg (93902 Byte)                                               Dynorunn Finland Rearwheel.jpg (112618 Byte)

The Rearwheel Output of a std.RC51 is on this dyno at 122 hp

Durbahn clutch Basket

Massive handling and accelaration improvement :

Clutch Basket 2.jpg (75217 Byte)              

The Clutch Basket I've made,really Improvement-dropped the weight from 1930 gr to 1190gr.
If you use the Aluminum clutch plates from Hyperplates too,you'll have the clutch assembly for 2.8 kg instead of 4.2 kg.On the dyno they've measured here in Germany btw.1.4 hp more. It's incredible and hard to undertand,the first Time on road with my new Engine I've noticed a MUCH better shifting,much more exact,faster.....this must be effected by the clutch basket. 

A Comment :

"Clutch all fitted and done on Saturday, Saved 1.3Kgs over standard. Bike is fantastic,smoother gear changes,better pick up and improved turn-in.
Feels like a new bike. Very happy,Thank you."


Clutch Basked mounted.jpg (96366 Byte)

Contact me for price and Timetable


The trick Race (aggressive road ) Alternator Version II: 

Update August 2007 : Installation Manual written  Josh Kaufmann - click here


after testing 2 years on my and a friends Bike I decided to fab the max. lowweight alternator-Version,where I again have decreased the rotor partition ,from former 2lbs down to ~ 1lbs !! So,a 50% weight decrease !!
Available !.

Explanation: this Alternator is designed for race and road riding in aggressive Style,means :
including one permanent headlight running,the crossing point of neither charge nor discharge is 
4300 rpm,so not intended for use in heavy traffic.....

click on Thumbnails to enlarge

                The whole Alternator -assy mounted into Alternator Cover  : Alternator-Assy cpl. Pic 2.jpg (80470 Byte)

Rotor-Comparison , 2.0 vs 4.9 lbs : Rotor-Comparison.jpg (51879 Byte)

                                                      Stator comparison 1.4 vs. 2.9 lbs  :Stator-Comparison.jpg (57871 Byte)

Rectifier comparison , 0.26 vs. 1.25 lbs:   Rectifier-Comparison.jpg (62625 Byte)


Comments :

from  www.Teamapacheracing.com  :

"Greetings Thorsten,
Thanks for the parts. I can't believe what a difference the superlight
alternator mod. made. The throttle response is unbelievable! I raced at Road
Atlanta this past weekend and I'm finally faster on the RC51 than on my R6.
I got a third in the Heavyweight Twin Superbike Class. "


from Geronimo A. , Domenican Republic (after  installing Clutch basket and Alternator)

"let me tell you the goodnews, I lower my times by 1 second in practice with used tires.
What I notice is the difference in how it charges the system (battery) and how freely is the engine revving now, and the downshifting is been improved also, meaning that i can brake more deep in to the corners, and also when I get out from them the bike goes out with lot,lot of  power.The bike performs very well.

........so, the whole Assy is at 1669 gr, thats 3.68 lbs ,compared to OEM 4059 gr (8.96 lbs).

The rotating partition is reduced 1.3 kg ! That's a reduction of 59 % . But much more important is the reduction of rotating inertia .Because the rotor is half diameter,the whole rotating inertia is reduced ,a raw calculation : 83 % !!! The ediotor of a sportsbike Magazine has asked me,after a few laps on track,if I've got a slipper-clutch,which I answered :"No". As the motor spins up much easier and faster through throttle it also spins up easier,when you shift down and the engine has to raise in rpm . Imagine the heavy stock rotor has to spin up maybe 3000 rpm in a quarter of second........

--------------------                             ----------------------                              -------------------

There are also soon - as far as I remenber it - 4 very trick Alternators-Assy's possible to built,same concept as on my Bike (well I unfortunately still have not posted the Pics here) , which means a fully outside turning Alternator , where the crank is sealed against outside . This looks very trick and special,you just have to imagine,that the OEM Alternator-cover has a height of 85 mm ( 3.4") and the Alternator-cover I've made,which moreless now is a crankcase-cover, has only 12.5 mm (0.5 "). Moreless I'm somehow proud to say,that a System like this is tested , because I'm running this trick outside turning Alternator-concept on my RC30 since 1995,close to 30000 miles ,90% road driven- and still with the first sealing !


Rods weight equalizing

Some Pics I've shot February,when I put the std. Conrods on the scale,has been more than 6 gr. imbalance,pics here-before I startet to balance them !


  The weight Total:: Rod 2 before balancing.jpg (71566 Byte)                             Rod 1 before balancing.jpg (82348 Byte) 


big bore side: Rod 1 big bore side weight.jpg (73042 Byte)                                        Rod 2 big bore side weight.jpg (83326 Byte)


small bore side:  Rod 1 small  bore side weight.jpg (65996 Byte)                                                              Rod 2 small  bore side weight.jpg (66308 Byte)




More content soon,with  lot's of hint's,used and new and HRC-Parts Sections,Prices,Pics,recommendations.......

Slipper -Clutch hub Assy 


slippery Clutch- assy 1.jpg (83030 Byte)

Price and Time to deliver :contact me




Combustion Chamber re-work

this is the begining,I've marked spots around valve Seat,where are very hard edges caused by milling to bring the seats in. You have to be very careful there,not to touch the seat itself.

Combustion chamber start re-work,polishing.jpg (90890 Byte)

                    That's the result after polishing : Combustion chamber re-work,polishing.jpg (90459 Byte)


High-Comp. Pistons 

available now,forged by Mahle,Germany.

I've heard a lot good things about these Pistons past 2 years ,from customers and Racing-Teams which have used them and still use them  without any Problems reg. reliability and with great success concerning Hp increase and not burning Oil after a short Time as HRC. I've put them on the scale: 1st: they are very balanced,I've measured only 1/10 gr imbalance (thats 0.0002207 lbs) and they are very light ,as I've measured 385 gr compared to 423 gr std.,without piston -Bolt. Because the Bolt is much smaller I think It's another 20 gr less,so saves up to 60 gr,that's double of weight saving of HRC.  They come with piston-rings,piston-Bolt and clips.The Piston-surface shape and compression-ratio is identically to HRC,but the Price is much less at same Quality at least.


                            /$  : 795               High-Comp Piston Surface Comparison 4.jpg (95939 Byte)



Camdrives Quitening gears removal:           100$              

Primary+Clutchgear grind down-Job (12mm)  

                                                                       180$     primary+clutchgear 12.5mm.jpg (72603 Byte)

Turned Big breather gasket Alloy 22mm dia.-for front valve cover : 484 mm2 instad of  169 mm std.

.........your Engine should'nt be a Compressor

19$                                breather gasket comparison.jpg (35999 Byte)  

General Parts'n Prices Section



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