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September 2006 : 
I decided to fab a few Exhaust-Systems from November 2006 to May 2007 .


Underseat-Exhaust Section with Pics and Explanation : Click here

2 in 2 High-mount Factory-Style Gallery
More Pictures of Titanium-Exhausts inside the RC51-Gallery


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     The Acra in-1 Mod                      Click here


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All Exhaust-Systems I fab, are made from Titan ,including the Can .I make custom exhausts,means :as far as possible,I'm able to build an Exhaust ,as YOU like it .It's of no concern ,left/right in one ,shootgun,etc.........  .

I think I can say I'm somehow experienced with custom Exhausts,especially Titan,because since 1995,when I started with my first Titan exhaust (before I've worked with stainless steel) ,none of the Systems I've made got a crack . 

I've had the last Exhaust System here,which Edwards rode Imola (I think that was last race ),tracked down for a friend,had a closer look,checked header lenght and volume of headers,wrote down some measurements,but I've to admitt,there's been nothing very Special,except maybe the 2-1-2 Section,which I copy now for all in-2 Exhausts .

I've to admitt too,that there's normally a waiting-list,because each exhaust system is special , and from pre-bending the correct angles to final welding takes a while .

A word regarding weight :

RC51 2000 -2001 OEM Exhaust :  33.77 lbs

RC51 2002 -2004 OEM Exhaust :  29.80 lbs

I'm able to built a in-1 Titan exhaust System at 7.06 lbs or a underseat-exhaust at 11.74 lbs....calculate yourself ....


The Cost's : it of course depends on,how much trouble it is too build an Exhaust , but I'm able to deliver complete solutions.
That means : if an Exhaust Systems requires  special rearesets -I've got them ,if an Exhaust requires a modified subframe-I can reweld it , or use my Carbon Subframe . If an Exhaust requires a special modified wire-harness with relocated Electronics,I'm able to modify the wire harness and can make the all the special brackets you need therefore . So,from that point of view,close to nothing is impossible .I.E. at present I'm at an underseat-Exhaust for a Ram single sided Swingarm.......... .


1800 $ for a Titan in -1 Exhaust System,the underseat Exhaust itself is 2600 $,but requires of course lots of other mod's aslike electronics-relocation,a heat-resistable Tailsaction,wire-harness mod ,a re-welded subframe maybe or Carbon-Subframe .




So-the Situation last end of February 2003  ,the guys began to install the tool into the CNC-Bending-machine.For beginning i've ordered 100 m Titan-tubes for first 26 exhaust Systems.I'll be able now to fab serial as well as custom-made Exhausts up to customers wishes.For myself and a few guys here I'll go for a under Tailsection Exhaust Solution preferably with SP2 Swingarm.



A few machined and grinded Metal Parts,8000 $ ,hard to believe.These are the tools i've ordered to be able the diameters of the Titan-Tubes :          

Bending-tool.jpg (68490 Byte)



This is the Edwars-Exhaust from last Race with RC51 Imola-which I've tracked down for a friend of mine.

I'ts not of use for me as it is ,because I've got my own Ideas.I just measured it,had a closer look and got my Inspritation out of it. 1 Section now of this System I copy now for my in-2 Exhausts,the general layout I've made very similar the past anyway.

            Edwards Factory Exhaust 2.jpg (25824 Byte)                         Edwards Factory-Exhaust1.jpg (28704 Byte)



Ti-Headers fresh welded,same as on the Edwards Exhaust : the welding is on top to make to root inside the header:
                                                          Ti-headers,fresh welded.jpg (88189 Byte)


A Comparison: left side re-welded Acra into 1,then Moriwaki 2-1-2,then Acra 2-1-2

 A comparison . Acra in 1,Mori in 2,Acra in 2 40kb.jpg (46368 Byte)




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