....well,I should have kept all the customers replys I got past 3 years ,regarding their Airbox results ,this
 would have been It's own Advertisement, if I'd have dropped them simply here. So here are some of the few 
remaining comments I was able to find ,from  customers,who have mounted the Airbox on their  RC51 
(SP1 / SP2)........


The latest Airbox report,whole thread here: More Thorsten airbox dyno results

Here you go, honest-to-goodness back-to-back dyno test of the Thorsten airbox. The bike, a SP2 with high-comp pistons, PC3R, 10.8k ECU and Yosh full system. The dyno, a notoriously low-reading Dynojet 250. The atmospheric conditions, pretty crappy. I started off by dynoing the bike with the complete stock airbox in place, with filters and a good map. I made a few warmup runs, then stabilized the coolant temp at 195-ish degrees and made 3 pulls. They all read about the same, run 003 is shown. Then I installed the Thorsten airbox, which is fiberglass with kevlar reinforcements. (pretty much bolted right up, btw, took maybe 40 minutes at the most but the bike was already stripped of all bodywork, etc) Then with coolant temps held at 195-ish degrees again I made some more pulls. It was lean, yet picked up some power. It was near the end of the day and I didn't have a lot of time to tweak the mapping, but I made some gross changes with the buttons on the PC3R and the result is shown in run 009. Not too bad, a 5hp gain, and it is still a bit lean. With more time spent on the mapping I feel another 1-2hp will result. Overall I am quite happy with it already, nice job Thorsten.

J.D. Hord
AHRMA Battle of the Twins #58
AMA Pro Sports Expert HW Twins National #1

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  "I have been today to a dynojet center. The first run gave 129,5 rear wheel HP(10.250 rpm) and 99,9 nm torque (8.000 rpm) it was more than i expected. After making a good map it is 136,5 rear wheel HP (10.250 RPM) AND 105,5 NM TORQUE (6.800 RPM) AN ENORMOUS RISING OF THE TORQUE CURVE AND STARTING MUCH EARLIER AND HOLDING IT STRONG ABOVE  100 NM TILL 9000 RPM. We are very suprised about it. When i was driving the bike home it feels very very strong and the front wheel came up (on the trottle) in 2 and almost in 3 gear. I HAVE A NEW BIKE."

Rik J. from the Netherlands

hi Thorsten just got back from the alps fantastic .lots of power. i think maybe the map is a bit radical for everyday use..........Burp   pass me another gsxr 1000  thanks a million Dan


Dan J,England


Hi Thorsten,hope everything is ok with you.
I have to admit, your airbox made a very nice affect, I'm usually walking away all of my friends spīs with similar setup but without your box.

Attila from Hungary


dynoed today at willowsprings with thorsten airbox at l and l dyno ,altitude or elevation is higher than when i dynoed with him before.
before 126.5 -today 131.7 with new airbox arco gas. will tune motor to box in 1 week then i will dyno at my friends shop to see if his dyno reads high.


hey folks

man all i can say is ,it sounds mean as hell you can here the throttle bodies really loud now and it makes this incredible grow when you twist the throttle. this is how it should really sound.have'nt dyno it yet needs to be adjusted but it comes up so easily now. twist the throttle and it on a wheelie. will dyno it on thurday to put all the rumors to rest, we'll see if you get a 10hp gain as some have stated, but if not i lost almost 6lbs on the front alone not bad. if one was to do both airbox and carbon fiber tank that would be a total of [6lbs airbox and 7.5lbs tank]13.5 lb wieght loss on the center of the bike. i may swap to a 2002 computer from my 2000 ,i'm wondering would it make a difference with my 02 throttlebodies,

yo thorsten the bsox was very easy to install and i'm very happy with your quality and workmanship . only had to drill one hole which you put the x so that was great and it fit perfect. i had

the other airbox from streamline carbon in england and i have to say that thorsten's box is plug and play , no drilling its worth the extra money.



Part of my winter project was to install a Durbahn airbox to my (Eur.) SP-1. I did a dyno-run with a BOS exhaust (95 Db), than I did the following mods :
- flapper valve system completely removed
- snorkel emptied out
- PAIR system completely removed
- Durbahn airbox
Result :
4000 rpm + 4Nm, + 2HP
5000 rpm + 3Nm, + 3HP
6000 rpm + 7Nm, + 5HP
7000 rpm + 10Nm, + 10HP
8000 rpm + 8Nm, + 10HP
9000 rpm + 6Nm, + 9HP
10000 rpm + 8Nm, + 9Hp.

Highest reading : 102.7Nm, 126,2HP (Dynojet 250).




Get one! Fit one! Use one!

Bl**dy marvellous it is. Even with the stock exhaust pipes, the engine was pulling so much more powerfully, so I reckon it would be even better with some free flowing exhausts. On Zolder today I was pulling huge wheelies over crests where before the front wheel would hardly come off the ground. Lots more grunt and a great noise from the engine with lots of induction roar. It sounds much more like the bike that Edwards rides.

My map was OK, but it was still popping and farting a bit going into the chicanes, OK, read horrible backfires. Worst of all, in qualifying this morning, one of my exhaust cans fell off even though everything had been checked and tightened as usual. It was already a bit bent up, but I'm definitely going to replace it with one of those clever 2-1's that Thorsten is selling (5.8Kgs for a full noise restricted system!).

Anyway, I broke my PB on the circuit today by 1.1 seconds, had a guy blow an engine right in front of (and snapped his chain) and I got covered in oil - could hardly see where I was going and thankfully they red flagged us one lap later so I could clean up (4 hour race today). Overall, we've finished 6th in the championship out of about 40 teams. Bye bye SP-1 until next April I guess. Away in London until Thursday night, so any questions I'll answer when I get back. Cheers.



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