The Carbon RC51-Snorkel.

Made cpl.from Carbon.213 gr incl.Carbon display-bracket stock is (incl. flapper-valve and pressure can,the hoses and so on-) 800gr or more -thats 0.47 lbs vs. 1.76 lbs.
The intake-capacity indeed is enormous-next advantage: If you go for a HRC-Fairing (or copy) you don't need to fix the fairing at the front-fixing by snorkel/fairing-intake shape.

But there are lot's of restrictions,here a copy from the Parts and Prices-Section:


Evolution Ram-Air Snorkel

Glass                              150 $

Carbon                           220$                    0.41 lbs !            Stock:1.34 lbs

Prices are without threads,Carbon-bracket,hole for temp-sensor-the bolt-on Soluton guess is approx 330 $.I've made this Snorkel now only once for myself (Nov.24),but hav'nt had a look at the Time it took.

.....some Notes reg.the Snorkel:

1.I estimate a high volume Airflow -you know the effex of only the flapper-remove-mod
2.but the steering angle then has to be limited (decreased)
3.i can supply a Carbon  display-bracket now !
4.For straight milled lower triple clamps you may have a Problem to get it in.
5. You've to use 2pcs.steel Brake Lines,and...... only works with a Radial Master-Cylinder (otherwise you'd get no space place the display)
7. ......and what i havn't tested yet:don't know if it works with the std.clutch cylinder
8.     !!!    But if you use a  round Rpm-Meter as HRC-forget # 3+6+7    !!,to get the Air you actually have earned  by your speed,the whole thing is getting expensive,the radial master,probably my cable clutch,steel-brake lines.

Well-or you ride with no display or a simple round rpm-meter-then it'll work with std brake and clutch master.


Here's a comparison of the Evolution-Snorkel vs. Stock,guess you can esimate the dimensions:


                                                            The top view:Evolution-Ram-Air-Snorkel vs.stockQ5.jpg (71733 Byte)

          The side view:Evolution-Ram-Air-Snorkel vs.stocksideviewQ5.jpg (70123 Byte)


Here a detail of the Carbon Instrument-bracket:   Evolution-Ram-Air-Snorkel detail-CarbonbracketJPGQ3.jpg (88679 Byte) hey-0.048 lbs ! A word?


The steering-angle limitation:use a 3-4mm Aluminum,make a short (M4) thread into Frame,or if you don't want to drill into your valuable Frame-glue it.But IF the glueing isn't durable you will destroy the Snorkel immediately(if you don't remark it)

Steering angle limiter.JPG (135432 Byte)


Some more overall-views:

                         Evolution-Ram-Air-Snorkel viewfromtop2Q5.jpg (74922 Byte)                   


I don't really know-a customer gave me a picture of a different shaped Snorkel.I don't know about the advantage of this Square-design,in my eyes it deavours space you maybe need for headlights,don't know if it's good for aerodynamics,but planes don't look like boxes.It's nothing against who ever manufactures this,it's only my opinion and Q's.