Please read,if you are interested in such a underseat-System


Only a few hrs after I've posted those Pictures here I got Inquirys with  "how much", "How fast","conditions " and so on. So I thought,it would be reasonable to give this List :

1.It's very probably impossible to built this Exhaust under the stock-OEM plastic. It'll melt,I think. That's why I built this Tailsection with a resin,which I've used for the Carbon-Cans .This resin last's at least 145C. 

2.It's not worth to built this System for a 00/01 Swingarm,that'll look crap.But you can exchange a 00/01 Swingarm vs. the 02/03 type.

3.I had a closer look : It's possible to built this System with the OEM subframe,but EVERYTHING inside must be removed.So this System requires the Wire harness mod  + Battery relocation 

4.Probably this System  is impossible to built that way I've done it with any rearset which is not similar made to mine.( Explanation below )

5. It's not a Problem to fix a #-Plate /Blinker /Taillight -Bracket

6.This System also works with a underseat Fueltank-therefore if made a new Fueltank

7.I do not fab this Exhaust from steel (that would be incredible heavy then) and I don't produce the Can in Aluminim,because the heat-duction is too high,so everywhere Titan. Additional the more-costs of  Titan don't really Matter compared to the work behind to built such a System.So the costs for such a System are approx. 2700 -3000 . And IF you want to go with the new designed underseat-Fueltank also,that one is 1900 . A special Carbon-Tailsection therefore with Air -Intakes/Outlets and special reinforcements 600 .

8. Availability : I already have to fab some of those Systems where I start with somewhat end of Oktober.I estimate 4-6 weeks incl. welding in the Aircraft Industries each one takes,so to be honest:
I cannot take another order for this Exhaust System at present..

Sample :Full Titanium Undertail Exhaust for single sided Swingarm :   undertail Exhaust for SSS.jpg (91415 Byte)




DRC ME 4 Detail header-rearsets.jpg (84645 Byte)  An advantage I discovered while building the Exhaust.The rearsets I've made allow you to duct 2 of those 52mm headers through the gap between swingarm and rearsets.As far as I've noticed at other aftermarket rearsets,they all work with with an (and OEM) upright brake-master , which probably doesn't allow you to go through with the headers,addittional the brakefluid can and line will be in the way all the Time

A Detail Pic of the invisible superlight rearbrake-Assy, reabrake Assy 5.jpg (63932 Byte)

                                                                       more Pics and details of this Assy : Parts'n Prices



    DRC ME 5 Detail Exhaust rearend.jpg (91600 Byte)                   Auspuff 1.JPG (80515 Byte)               


That's a confusing Web here,but however a word regarding this underseat-Exhaust:

I dont like the way  underseat-Exhausts are built at most (moreless:all) of the Bikes I've seen,either half of the can comes out of the Tailsection and/or from the side-view the Can destroys  the Tailsection bottom-contour.It always looks like a Can,but just put under the seat.That's why I've tried to fill the rearend of the Tailsection with a Volume,so that's the Can then,and the objective was that the bottom of the Can should look like the Tailsection bottom.I'ts impssible to follow 100% of Tailsection underline,because the outlet of Can then would be much too little.The Outlet now is somehow square,but equivalent 58 mm 2 . I'm not sure if this harms the power-delivery,but I'm very close to 150rwhp now  measured with this  Exhaust.



Note:if you want to open these Thumbnails,they are gif Wallpaper-format files, 300 kb each

DRC ME 1 wallpaper.gif (193174 Byte)       DRC ME 10 wallpaper.gif (195447 Byte)        DRC ME 8 wallpaper.gif (198750 Byte)       DRC ME 7 wallpaper.gif (209706 Byte)