People said it's impossible,but

........a friend of mine starts with a RC51-rebuilt first stage ( under my guidance).If you stay tuned I'll give you a pictured guideline soon how to re-locate the Electronics smart WITHOUT moving the std.side rads !For latest comments please move:wire harness mod ,a bit assorted,but you'll find very helpful information there.And some Pics which may help you reg. this Matter

This is how it begins,could be your Bike. You can see,the wiremod is done.Missing Items:

Fueltank std
Carbon Subframe


                               Basic rebuilt view rear.JPG (99669 Byte)       

                                                      Step 1 :mount the Fueltank


     Step 2: mount the Carbon Subframe Basic rebuilt view left2.JPG (101929 Byte)

                                                    Step3:  put the Tailsection on.               Basic rebuilt view left.JPG (101425 Byte)       

          Basic rebuilt view leftfront.JPG (142353 Byte)               next :.......the upper fairing


          and that's it,the lower cowling + proud owner,ready to take off     Basic rebuilt view rear incl proud owner.JPG (114253 Byte)

So :  does'nt really Matter if SP1/2,a basic-i'd say-stage 1 rebuilt,a calculation.If you mod or swap or mount:

Wire harness
Exhaust aftermarket (~ 7-8kg cpl.)
Fairing aftermarket road usable
Tailsection aftermarket
Carbon snorkel (optional)

.......you've done not the very extended programm,and i calculate you've reached the magical 200kg (full) border of std.Sportbikes,or 26 kg less (57.35 lbs) at reasonable costs.Well,200kg sounds good-it's 441 lbs,not a very magical value,400lbs full of fuel and stuff and road usable,that would be nice,but the you'd need some more mods-my Bike at present:386 lbs full and road usable.
I'll put this Bike on the scale to confirm the weight lose only by mods mentioned above and let you know.

The general Comparison between RC51 std. wire harness vs. my shortened wire harness- full road use    
                                                                         Wire harness comparison.JPG (78894 Byte)

Here's a SAMPLE how to locate the Electronics,don't mind the purple screws-it's not my Bike.Ho,indeed,what i forgot,there has been the Water Can before,yes?Well,i see this strange Item only for a few seconds,when a new RC51 enters my Workshop , then it's removed.Orotherway:i'm a Watercan collector since 1989,since my first RC30. I like Watercanisters,they are so funny,so ugly,so superflouos,so that's why i decided to collect them, you won't give me your's i guess?
                                                                                                    Location ECU ......etc explanation.jpg (109855 Byte)

Location main power relay_ignition coil frontQ50.jpg (63263 Byte)         Detailpic,front ignition coil + main Power relays

Enough Space:here you can deposit the rear coil:      Location ignition coil rearQ5.jpg (66529 Byte)

Blinker-relays you can mount at the Snorkel,we've fixed it at left side behind top of Rad.
For the Bits i've thrown out and why and how,go :wire harness mod

IMPORTANT: I havn't checked it,these comments work at European Models, probably for US Models also,but-I havn't ckecked it,please compare diagrams.

Btw. and easydone,if don't go out riding below 15C remove Thermostat and close bypass

Closed watercircuit bypassQ5.jpg (64050 Byte)
                Closed watercircuit bypass waterpumpQ5.jpg (61525 Byte)