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The rebuilt  RC51 2002 (SP2) first entire pics:



                  The sideview left :

                              The rightrearview    :  
SP2 Aufm. rearright+Licht.jpg (96102 Byte)    


         The left side total:         
SP2 frontleft 1.jpg (85263 Byte)


                                          Not very entire,the rearbrake details:            SP2 rearbrake detail.JPG (323640 Byte)
          Radial_calips1.JPG (126783 Byte)          Also the radial callips                   



April .05:got the turned Oil-redirection Gasket and had to find a good Spot to drill a hole into Engine,found it,but Oil again out,Water out again,however-looks nice,looks as std..You wouldn't notice it if you wouldn't know it.

So,now the FINAL assembly begins

April.01:took half a day until i've finished a good front-fender Solution.When i've ordered the samples and asked :" which model?",i simple replied:"no nothing no model,give me a flow,simple some fenders with flow",looks like they didn't really understand me.You?.Nevertheless,the inside-Airbox breather Box is done,glued all together yesterday,in the end it's nothing else than my provisional brather Box in smart Version.Today i've to drill a hole into the Engine for redirection,found a good Spot.

Ah-here's a Pic i found from the fuelpump-mod you've to do for my Fueltank-easydone:

Fuelpump-mod.jpg (202152 Byte)


March 30.hey: when i get my digicam back from repair i'll post TONS (TONS!) of Pics here of all the little and big mods,rearsets, wiring,Exhaust,Coolers assy incl.bracketry solution,2002 RC51 Airbox,Breathing-solution +Box with Oil-redirection,a new inside Snorkel 3-Times Airfiltering,radial-Calips with newest developed 300 mm discs,rearbrake assy,new max.lowered Battery bracket for HRC-copy fairings(massive 15 ply's Carbon)..........but i still don't know which front-fender to mount,RC51 for sure not-so i got 6 different samples from different manufacturers and different bikes,thought a lot about to cut this here or that there,but cannot get the shape out of it i want-if you have a purely side-view it looks good,purely front view:bearable,but if you put the fairing on it will not really suit to-on the other side there's no Time to design my own front fender. Ta.

Sth. different:i've read at one of the RC51 dedicated sites some manuals,i.E. removal of Cam quietening gears,scrolled down Page and missed the rest.Lot's of pics for 4 gears.Hm,my point of view:be radical,if you ever start,don't stop until it's finished.


Here they are,first assorted rebuilt Pics:


Also:i've made some 22mm dia turned breather-gaskets for front valve cover instead of 13 mm dia stock (23.79 outer dia)-calculate r2 x 3.14 and you're at 379.94mm2 vs.132.66mm2 stock.3 times more opportunies to breath-you're Engine should'nt be a compressor!(this mod done on a V-Max was + 5hp,Duc too).Think about 2 Times 500cc running down nearly at the same Time-where with the Air?Costs Power.

brather gasket comparison : breather gasket comparison.jpg (35999 Byte)   March 28 :a comment reg.that breather-gasket,the Motor now is really pumping Oil,and i'd estimate you'd have filled the std.Breather Box with Oil in about 20 min on track.It's the same as RC30,if you want to go for less friction as possible (and moving through Air is a kind of Friction,Spaceshuttle)you've to create at least a 6 Times bigger breather Box than std.,with redirection of Oil back into the engine.I found a smart solution with my RC30-there the Carbon Subframe is also a closed 3.8 L Breather Box with redirection of Oil,but that's impossible here.so i decided to sacrifice 1L of my Airbox Volume to create a Breather Box inside,doesn't really Matter if you've got 38 or 37L-if you compare it with 7.5 Litres Volume stock.I've ordered some Special high-bendability Silicon-tubes pre-manufactured the in-duct + Athmosphere exit Bits from carbon,maybe today the mould is done and i'll be able to glue it in this night.

To show you:     SP2_Airboxfueltank-dummyexplanation.jpg (74847 Byte)

the primary + clutch gear grind-mod,grinded down from 17mm to 12.5 mm breath, that'll save not a lot,but it's rotating :    primary+clutchgear 12.5mm.jpg (72603 Byte)

March 26:forgot the cam in my workshop,so Pics tomorrow again.However,i've got Oil inside,water inside.
Maybe today i get the first sound out of the 2.

March27 : 2 turns of the crank-and Engine did run !!! For the very first Time,looks like the wiring  works,incredible noise.


Sth. new i could also post at day 28,however i racked my brain some weeks how to fix crash-protectors at the most efficient Spot.The Opportunities SP 1/2 are different but equivalent difficult to realize if you've got a special idea. But yesterday i decided , made the drafts and gave all to the Miller.That'll be a good Solution,for sure not cheap but working,based on TiAl6V4,combined with milled and anodized 7075T4 (correct?) Bits,also all Rods that fix the Engine made by same concept. I didn't calculate the costs,but for sure it'll have a very bad $/weight saving rate.

Also:end of March first Pics of the Rearsets i made.

Well,i post it on top what happened past days:my Digi-Cam has fallen down when i wanted to climb on a wobbly chair-and damaged now.Yeah-wanted to make some Pics of the welded and mounted Ti-System.However it really looks like Gas can flow.The SP-2 Carbon Airbox for Fueltank-dummy is done and suits perfect.Today the first new especially HRC-Fairing Battery Bracket will be done,so i can finish the whole  Coolers-bracketry.

So,finished the Bracketry-the new Carbon battery bracket is max .on bottom,0.5 " clearance to lower cowling.I've made it from 10 plys Carbon (2.5mm) to be able to fix all Brackets on,works great.All the Coolers have correct Position,4 mm clearance everywhere.Today i get the first painted track-fairing Set.I'll lend a digi-cam from a friend-have got an idea for the first Page! And funny to order the drivechain:" hey,no-i don't want 530 or 525-gimme 520,and simple send the most expensive.How much ?Yes,that sounds good,send it"

I'm at the fine-work at present:how to duct this cable or line,which angle looks good,friends who're watching the Bike comments- it looks tidy.


First 30 days SP-2 rebuilt-report:click HERE for more pictured Details:SP2 rebuilt 2

SP-2 Hour and Day ZERO:   

A btw. Pic:10 hours after hour Zero:                    

The SP2 Engine Bits     

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