RC51 Gallery /History :

My Bikes , Bikes from Customers and friends .........


Asorted  ( Oct.12/ 2007, what I found on my Computer :





This very special RC51 is from Houston TX , has it's own Page  , click the Picture SP2_USA_rearleftbest.jpg (86997 Byte)

The plain black Edition of this Bike SP2_Aufm.3_rearright.jpg (91831 Byte)

The 30 days rebuild-story of the Bike(s) above : click here 

    This one has it's own Page too , Al T's Bike from New England , cape Cod   



From Germany : Dirk D's Bike ,Dirk D's Bike 56-Web.jpg (247400 Byte) a good demo, how the underseat Fueltank-Assy looks naked    Dirk D's Bike 1-Web.jpg (275772 Byte)

George K. from USA send me his Swingarm to fab a special underseat Exhaust therefore , unfortunately I only have the work on a model as Pics here , maybe George you read this and send me some Pics of your entire Bike ?

                     George K - underseat with RAM 1.jpg (179676 Byte)                                   George K - underseat with RAM 2.jpg (225757 Byte)



December 15/2006:
Atto from Holland send me a nice Picture of his Bike , painted with attention to details :   


Christians Bike , underseat Fueltank Assy , in1-Acra , PVM Mag-Wheels..etc.   Christians Bike 1.jpg (211929 Byte)


Sten from Sweden sent me a Pic of his OEM RC51 with my Bodywork on, apaint-suggestion   paint_suggestion_RC51-2.jpg (138815 Byte)


     This is how theDPG fairing looks painted Jani's Bike , Finland   DRC_-RC_painted_3.jpg (96630 Byte) more Pics: here


  Germany : RC51 with in 1 High-mount Titanium Exhaust . The Canister is a bit larger for a deep tone, equipped with noise-eater to be street legal over here

  High-mount in 1 Titanium Exhaust 1.jpg (172166 Byte)                High-mount in 1 Titanium Exhaust 2.jpg (210002 Byte)



castrol_SP_Pic_9start.jpg (89291 Byte)  Rene's Bike (Berlin) ,Underseat Fueltank-Assy.

  Garry from UK sent me a Picture of his Bike , a nice ,unobtrusive paint scheme I think .
Below's the full Assy with Underseat-Fueltank, etc. ,which you only detect on 2nd view .


The Bike from Joachim G. Austria , you may notice different stages of rebuild in the Pics, but a Bike always rebuilt with love to details .


       DSC_9852.3.JPG (87903 Byte)           Dsc01664.jpg (163275 Byte)         Dsc01622.jpg (137107 Byte)         02046121.jpg (65154 Byte)


RC-Haslauer.jpg (235517 Byte) Hermann's bike (Bavaria )



Stages of my RC51, from  2000-2006



Winter 2000, workshopimpressions,some SP's and a RC30            Some_workshop_impressions3.JPG (141331 Byte)

DPH-Fairing_natural.jpg (86877 Byte)All the Time I've worked parallel on my own DPH-Bodywork,which took much more Time,than expected

Spring 2001 :

My first Hybrid RC51,new designed Tailseection,with the first in2 shootgun-Ti-Exhaust,already equipped with the fueltank-dummy 
Then somewhere I've tracked down a HRC-Fairing,modified it to suit for std. RC51 (kickstand-cutouts,exhaust,snorkel...etc.) ,put 2 parabolic-lights right side and painted it black with a can                                                                    
                                                                                                               Prototype li hi .JPG (130700 Byte)            Hybrid51-bestoff.jpg (90546 Byte)         RC51-workshop_Pics_total_rearleft3_explanation.jpg (110942 Byte)    Lots of people asked,where is put what,so i've created this Explanation-Picture

End of summer 2001 I decided to design  a RC51 Tailsection,which suits to my Carbon-Subframe-designed a Carbon-#Plate and Blinker-bracket too,to be able to ride on road
Full_RC51_-12-Aufmacher-Bestoff2.jpg (29844 Byte)

Summer 2002

Early 2002 I got an order for a special RC51SP2_Aufm.3_rearright.jpg (91831 Byte),very cramped Time-Frame for rebuilt,and additional I had to develope lots of moulds new,because the 2002 RC51 was different in some Sections -the black Ed here  ,more Pics : here   

Durbahn-fairing_RC51-Pic30_Kopie.jpg (96439 Byte)      This must have been end of Summer 2002,the DPH-Fairing was finally done,I've put it on my Bike.....

End of Summer 2002 I've made the Evo-Tailsection,which meets the fueltank-shape much better   My_Tailsection_sideview.jpg (73182 Byte)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


     My SP1 , painted everything black matt with a can , even the chain

Winter 2003

Technical background ,my SP2 stripped         


Summer 2003

Beginning  of Summer 2003 I thought finally I've to realize the Underseat-Project,here a pic from modelwork 

I_000767.jpg (200049 Byte)                  -that's what I think a final Edition is :                                        

DRC_ME_10_wallpaper.gif (195447 Byte)     

finally done. Not only the Underseat-Exhaust.This Summer I realized my open-Alternator-Idea,created a new lower fairing, a new Fueltank with the gaps for headers..more Pics : here

Then the rebuild of the Ducati came , which took 2 years 


 Summer 2006                     

September 21/2006 :

                RC51 reworked 2006-P1.jpg (173260 Byte)                RC51 reworked 2006-P2.jpg (168464 Byte)                  RC51 reworked 2006-P4.jpg (157218 Byte)                 RC51 reworked 2006-P5.jpg (187870 Byte)

Done .
reworked my bike from Engine to Dash, to wire-harness to Fairings . Switched back to HRC-Fairing, even it's superlight made from Carbon I decided to go for black gelcoat, unobtrusive , have enough Carbon sight around here in the workshop, and thought it might be a good Idea of understatement , to ride the Bike in kinda "normal " clothes . The details , explanations the way  I've cleaned up the Bike - soon .