front detail, radial calips,dics 300,wheel forged alloy milled,Rad assy 


The right side detail-view : 

RC51 2002 -The right rearview :Clutch side rearviewQ51.jpg (103417 Byte)

RC51 2002-a detail Pic of rearsets with Carbon footpegs: Clutch side detail rearsets2Q50jpg.jpg (98234 Byte)


This was one the enter Page assorted pics of raw unwelded header work,i think it's a good demonstration if you compare it with the first thumbnail Pic above,also maybe you can re-enact where i've left all the hours,maybe 300 hours for whole rebuilt      

Header-work.jpg (81138 Byte)


The porting job in progress here,it's really worth the work,I advise to adapt the injection manifold rubbers and the shape of the outlet,because header-gasket won't really match.

     porting Job in progress.jpg (71826 Byte)


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