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....yo,has been Sunday yesterday,well-a Sunday itself isn't exciting,so i've used this rainy Day to finsish my big 122 dia / 560mm Carbon-can and put it on the Bike.Stopped with the package for Can at 2.2 kg,hope it will not burn.Headers cpl. in1 are at 1.7kg,so it looks like i found another kg. However,we're 5 RC51 riders here in my workshop,3 of them now in one: modified Acra, SR-Racing, now my custom exhaust.The subjective impressions my friends have had after they went for in-1: noticeable more midrange power,no high end decrease.Wednesday it's probably sunny here,so i'll go out for a test ride to check for improvements.A Note regarding the sound :even deeper-but harder,additional maybe bit less noisy.



....have been on road yesterday with the in1 Exhaust Type,subjective no real noticeable difference.
So,that means vs. in 2: same Power Output with less weight and Items to damage and  vs.stock Exhaust with
24.28 lbs less !

And I think I'm able to fab this Exhaust- System full Ti/Carbon for 1800$



What the Philosophs say (Schopenhauer) : 

Your Knowledge has double worth,if your not-known is admitted and marked from you as not-known.


NEWS -8:

Listen what my Voltmeter told me:


possible to reach already at 5 krpm with my superlight 330 gr. (0.728 lbs) Alternator ,even with lights on,means 55W parabolic front + diods taillight rear,that is THE Solution for aggressive road and track riding.The way i've machined this Alternator it won't tear up in hundred years,i know that,because i've got this Alternator on my RC 30 for 30000 miles with max. of 14 krpm without a Problem.Contact me for more information if you're interested in this mod.It's probably a saying: for the first Time you'll be able to enter a corner.


....and -10: yesterday we've tested the first crashprotector-brackets coming from the milling-machine,if they fit.And they did.Already this weekend the plastic protectors will be turned.We've choosen to go for 2 lenghts available:close behind fairing and 2cm out of fairing.Located at the very centre of bike they'll protect the Bike efficient as Protection can be.Unbelieveable they tear up.Intended to protect most expensive Parts: Electronics (if they're monted on the side),Radiators,Frame,Fueltank.with a slightly scratched fairing you can proceed on track or road,no with a leak in Radiators or maybe Fueltank.Fore more Informations:Contact me

I need Help.
Help to be able to demonstrate the effex of rotating inertia.Only one Physician or Mathematician i need who's able to convert the effex of rotating mass loose into a value people may re-enact better,something like:  "it's like this or that ...liter less Fuel".Yes,we've to know the height rotating mass is,measured from the ground,distance from middle of crank,average rpm we assume,diam....etc.
Someone should be able to calculate this.Well,at 1000rpm a 1.5 kg less rotating mass is probably not more worth than 3liters fuel,but when you WANT to be fast,you don't enter a corner with 1000 rpm.






What i can say definately now,most important at all: The wiremod,it's the base for everything !!



NEWS-7:maybe not really worth to mention,few days ago I also made a different ducted  2 in 2 Section vs. my former one,to get enough space for feet and moving on the Bike.Today probably  i'll get them back from welding.The new oven for large Cans is promised to be finished tomorrow evening,I got the moulds 120 and 125 mm diameter for the Cans,i hope somewhat 15.August the whole System is done.What i found out past days on road with the new Alternator,the very light QAT Fork,light monoblock Calips and so on------NOW it's WORTH to dive down deeper into agressive weight loose measurements:Titan bolts are still left to fab.,a superlight rearbrake also....and probably some other Bits i've no idea for at present.170 kg (375 lbs) incl. 14 L fuel looks very possible.My new cockpit is gigantic.Exactly the informations you need:a very short look to superbright indicator-diods (yellow6,red 6.5 -but adjustable as YOU like it) at braking before you enter corner so secure you're around 6000-6.500 rpm,then throttle and only watch the Xenon-shiftlight at 9.7krpm to hammer down the shiftlever with Quickshift automat.

NEWS -6: my custom Alternator teared up after 200 miles,worked very good until then,great steering (handling) Improvements. I haven't expected something like this will happen,but did(aehm-reg. it teared up) .So,to find out why ,i've turned down the Alternator to get a nearer view into the inside building-what i found: instad of solid Aluminum between the magnets what i've assumed there has been something like a magnetical casted mass which wasn't able to transport the force you've got at accelaration to move the Alternator.So,the reason why it teared up: i've turned down important spots of Alternator to find the necessary space to be able to close the Alternator-Cover.My Alternator has been turned down 8.5mm,but now i've to get away with only 1mm turning down to secure durability.Looks like i've to find 7.5mm somewhere.I'll find them all.And all in 1.
So,not to be lazy in the meantime i wait for a new Alternator to mod it for RC51,I've turned some other brackets to use an even lighter Altenator (only 36% % of former one,so330gr !-ta-instead of 2000gr std.)for
ROAD USE,but therefor you've to go for xxx-measurements-diods taillight,35W headlight,not really recommendable for cruising around.Consider:for Fuelpump you need 5 Ah,and-what i never expected-each injection valve has 1Ah max .,four Times,so we're at 9Ah only for these 2 components!The ECU Power consumption is minor,measured somewhat max. 200mAh.Thats the racing-configuration ECU,injection valves,Fuelpump-all together 9.2Ah,so 110W.My supersmall Alternator has 170 W,so that'll be enough probably for components mentioned + 35W Headlight + 0,1 W Diod-Taillight + charging Battery at 5000rpm with a max of 35W ,so somewhat 3Ah.To be sure how all is working i've mounted a Voltmeter,makes really sense.I've done this already 1998 on my RC30 ,and that helped me a lot.Well-however,normally this is a track-use Alternator (40% more power-supply than you need),and i'll start soon to make drafts to produce 20pcs of them.I've thought a lot about it and i've choosen not to destroy and mod the std Alternator therefore,so i'll fab the WHOLE unit new,also a rectifier with ADJUSTABLE power output.More News soon.

NEWS-5:has been Sunday,normally i should have machined on a RC30,but was'nt in the mood,so had a look around what's maybe left to do.Decided to try to stop this 2in2 or 1 drivel,removed my 2 in 1in2 Section and welded (Spot-welding) a 2in 1 Ti-Section to be able to give a personal Report of what'll happen by this mod.I've to wait now until my welder from the Aircraft- Industry is back from holiday,however,as i've typed somewhere below I think the  in1-Section should'nt be too long,so I went for approx. 9" in1-Section now ,that should'nt be too much.If it works i've saved 1.6 kg,that would be a total then (as far as I remember) for whole Exhaust of  3.9kg-instead 15.1kg std..Wellok,I've to prolong my oven (already typed somewhere)for a special Can,larger Can-so probaly 400gr more for the Can (so 4.3 kg total-an Acra is double of that),but still 10.8 kg (23.84 lbs)less,an ok value I think-ta: IF that works. Pics also soon.

NEWS -4:Coming soon.........,smart (i hope) crash-protectors,drafts are done.To be mounted where they PROTECT your Bike-ABOVE centre of gravity.By  better knowledge of yourself you may assume I want to reinvent the wheel ,but it's :I havn't got the Time to search the Internet for crashprotectors of this concept I intend .Used the Time to make drafts.Available for 00-01/02 RC51 (SP1 , SP2).2 different Versions,coming out of and behind fairing.No chance to tear  up the brackets and damage the Spot where they're mounted.

Reg. the Single Exhaust vs. Dual Exhaust.....Here we go! -Discussion :

NEWS -3: I phoned up the Guys which i modified the Acra into 1.There's a Story behind:maybe a week ago they've been disappointed by the result,not at the border to suicide,but dissapointed.I've answered:"that cannot be,i'm convinced that works-has to work",but they've said it maybe a little more  midrange,but no signifant power higher rev's.Nevertheless i've asked which Map they have and got response:"well,sth. this or that Yoshimura with modified...blablabla".So i've forced them to use this Map i got from a customer (developed especially for Airbox+Acra).Got a call-back today,subjective, they've told me it runs like never before,the Bike makes fear they said(probably a saying).So i picked up the phone again and  bought an Acra from a guy who sold his RC51 - for a test. I'll do the 2in1 Acra-mod  again to confirm this Result and would like to sell it preferably in US-to someone who hasn't got an aftermarket Exhaust at all at present,because it'll be probably easy to let mod an existing full System at the next welding-store .Of course with money-back guarantee,i'd like to know how it works there.The trick I think is: the in-1 Section isn't too long to give a big difference in Gas-flow.If you're interested in:

 This Map it is, maybe you should test it ?   dyno1-hybrid

To explain what i've typed below,this strange engine (a E-Motor normally,but without collectors)  I want to use was never  intended to be used as electrical Power supply unit. As a friend of mine found out that there's a specialist here in Germany who has devoloped Rectifier for this special kind of application,but expensive,only rectifier 550 $.However,that isn't of concern at present.Of concern:I want to make that  work,that'll be nothing to sell,but for sure a great exercise.

NEWS -2: i've got a new superstrange idea for an Alternator : driven by a Cam and placed outside,because this unit has to be provided by fresh cool Air.The WHOLE Alt. is 240gr,rotating 120gr.!! Instead of stock rotating 1700 gr !A overall weight loose calc.:2.4 kg less . Power Output :200-300W.Well,that isn't an Alt. at present,but i've ordered it to make it an Alt!!If that works it'll be a revolution.From the point of view of machining,sealing valve cover(because this unit has to be driven by the Cam) and developing a carbon-Bracket + Airduct to cool it it looks to me as no Problem at all,only Time,the main problam may be  to rectify the Voltage coming out,but i've got 2 competent guys here to develope the electronic therefore.Pics immediately here when i get it!

NEWS -1:first  Carbon-Cockpit (Bracket) is done,bolt-on for my Snorkel, I went for Xenon-shiftlight 9.5krpm,2 indicators (diods 3000mcd) for 6k + 6.5krpm,low fuel +FI diods(still enough space for more indicators),water Temp+ Bicycle Tacho.The whole thing is closed,there has been enough Space inside to place the electronics.I think this Solution is moreless only made for my demands,most people want to see sth. that moves on a display (probably to confirm they're moving),so i wont stop here and will have a look to find Time soon to shape a nice bracket next for a round rpm-meter with option to place some x-tra diods.

No news hopefully:don't mix up,the US-SP2 isn't my Bike,it's been made in commission and it is in the US now.My Bike is still in Prototype-stage to test out the Bits I develope, but running!

NEWS 0:Finally i mounted my light Alternator System,i should have done this a year ago,wasn't work at all ,I put it on the crank ,tightened the Alt.-Bolt,Cover on and pressed started Button,that's all.Even it's Summer here (but my RC30 is running)
I used the Opportuninty to mod my  wire-harness a 2nd Time, decided to go for a dual-wire,1st a basic (track-)wire with open + and ground plug where i can plug in a street wire to provide remaining consumers.Next,i mounted my QAT-Fork with Monoblock Callips and small Rotors from PVM,also the QAT triple Clamps,these are straight milled and you've got the opportunity to change the offset,i've choosen +3mm more offset than std.,well see(i've had to mod the Snorkel for straight milled triple clamps-if i don't destroy this prototype i'll copy it autumn for all who have got clamps like these).Also i'll mount the new Íhlins shocks Generation with low/high Speed damping,probably that'll work harmonic with the QAT,which has also opportunity to adjust low/high-speed. At this Bike I havn't had the Time to do a porting Job,not even to remove the 7 Quietening gears,not the primary gears grind Job and not even the Time to mount the HRC Pistons and Cams i've got on stock nearly a year now.Looks like i'll also start to shape a instruments Bracket.I got rid of Oilpressure,neutral,blinker and high-beam indicator,only the FI and fuel indicators are left,but i think i'll shape the bracket for all indicators,additional water Temp,bicycle Tacho optional ,shiftlight and probably 2 diods to indicate 5500-6500 rpm,that's where real accelaration begins.

Some Pics soon


NEWS I  :I'm moving at present with my workshop,that's why this web-appearance doesn't change weekly.However,i've collected lot's of new ideas to realize them next month and during Winter.Very soon i'll install my light Alternator System into my bike to see what happens.I've raw calculated the rotating mass accelaration effex of this System,means incl.starter-unit (over-run centre).So even if i've lost only 50% of this whole unit (that's 1.2 kg),the accelaration effex is as if you'd have lost 80%,caused by halved Alternator diameter.This Alternator system is for road use (360 W),but also I intend to produce an even lighter Alternator system for track with ~ 1.6 kg less (and probably endurance Racing,but i've to calculate the definitive power consumption before).I'll have a closer look if it is possible not to use and mod the std.Honda- unit,maybe it's possible to fab the complete unit new to swap units completely.


NEWS II :meanwhile I think I overshoot the mark with my Tailsection-design,so i'll start with a new tailsection-design that suits harmonic with my own fairing which I'll also finish this year......ho,+ a new Snorkel ,of course

NEWS III :I think the delivery-Time of  front-rads is a real problem,doesn't matter if they come from Germany or Italia ,a 3 Weeks Time- Frame of order-delivery should be possible-if i produce them myself.Last week a friend of mine made a first Kit for himself,under my guiadance ,took exactly one week,well,the welding of this first Radiator Set doesn't look very good because the welding Quality depends on the accuracy of the work before,but nevertheless they're working and the next Radiators will look better.I compared front rads and std.-the difference in all Situatuions is always -20 degrees at least.I want to be able to offer a radiator set for less than std. Honda radiatiors,maybe there are 2 Quality stages imagineable,a simple working track and std.Quality? Don't know.But that is my lesson,if you want to supply the people with special Bits in a reasonable Time (admiited,i've got Problems sometimes even with my own products) you've to fab nearly all yourself

NEWS IV : I don't like the std.dashboard anymore.Expensive if you destroy it, rpm-meter is hard to make out if you've got no Time (and if you've got Time it's superfluous anyway) .So i think you can get away with a super-bright Xenon shift-light,some indicators (Oil,neutral,FI-maybe additional high-beam and blinker indicators),plus Water-Temp. guage and maybe a wireless bycicle-tacho.I'll develope soon  a special carbon unit therefore you simple mount on the carbon-snorkel. I know there are of combined instruments on market,but they're either heavy,ugly ,unfunktional,or maybe nice and as expensive (+ heavy and overdimensioned ,so a Stack).Simple all necessary informations,not more or less.You've destroyed a diode,buy a new one for 4$;You've destroyed the bycicle Tacho.........ho,i've got a idea,maybe you can use the signal that's coming out of the Engine (transmission-axle).We'll see.

NEWS VI :for all who want to go for 2 in1,but with no incredible noise ,therefore i'll prolong my oven to be able to fab a 120-125 dia ,55cm lenght Carbon Can,52mm dia in/outlet.I've calculated somewhat 7 Litres damping (package) Volume,thats nearly same Volume as 2 in 2 with probably 1kg less weight.

- stay tuned -

NEWS VII: reg. the forged ALUMINUM  5 Spoke PVM-Wheels.With a special cush-drive sprocket carrier (you've to use different sprockets then) this Wheel is at a weight only 100gr (0.22 lbs) more than Magnesium,if you want to go for these wheels-contact me



LINK:For general RC51 Information,move: