NEWS Oktober 24 : I seriously will fab Titan-Buckets to be able to rev up permanently to 11.800 rpm (on the durable side ).Including coating...or moreless the Time it takes to find the correct coating ... this Job probably will need 4 months. I do not like the HRC-pricing,which is at 4000 $ for 8 Titan-Buckets,but what I definately found out : my Engine now,rev-limited at 11.000 rpm,equipped with special washers for valve-springs,HRC-valve-springs,Aluminum-retainers and some lightening of the valves : is reliable. 18gr weight loose/valve-unit  is scheduled,that's a lot.At present I cannot say a lot about the cost's,but if you're generally interested in a Set of  Ti-Buckets : contact me


June 2004

Short Note,have been on the track. Things changed vs. last year :

HRC- Injectors
New designed underseat Canister
New designed CNC-milled Shock-Linkage

After I've mounted the HRC Injectors in the Wintertime it took a while to re-adjust the Motec so that the Engine is starting at all and having some kind of throttle-response.I had to enlean the table very drastically. But on the track then the data-recording still gave so rich values everywhere that in the end (after 4 Sessions I comparativly got it) the enleanment-# was even double of that value I worked out in the workshop.So what shall I say : I've got a mapping now for the HRC-03 Kit-Injectors too now.

The underseat-Canister : the first Prototype last year gave a lot of Problems,always cracks from vibration.This lead into some research,a re-design at some Sections (even it's not really noticable) to come out with less welding as possible. Also those Titan -cans now are vacuum-glowed 5hrs at 600C.
So : under control now , 2  days  permanent 11.500 rpm,no problem at all.

It wasn't really a surprise (because I'm riding racing-transmissions since 1990 ),but I never would have estimated such a big improvement on the track trough the HRC-transmission which I've installed in May.On the straight you reach 260 km/h and when you're on the brakes you've to shift down 3 gears in a row very fast to get the correct gear for the corner......more than impossible with the OEM transmission (except you're able to enter the corner with a sliding rear-end) . But with the HRC-transmission :"wow".... no slippery rear-end,nothing at all -and I do NOT use a slipper clutch-hub. A MUST ! ...real recommendation to all !

The new shock-Linkage : I never felt such a good feeling for the back before,real grip and even at hard braking in front of corners the wavy asphalt made no problem at all,the bike was stable...... .And a raw btw.-# : I'd say 50% increased durability of the rear tyre.

Some assorted comments: I'm not a fast guy,but i'm able to open throttle on the straight -as ,I assume,everyone.Those 2004 liter-Bikes are really hard to pass,much easier last year,but I still have been able to pass the 2004Yamaha and Honda... hm,met no Kawa .

So all in all a funny feeling to pass the 1000's on the straight ,and the 2-stroke guys even inside the corner.I've always been able to enter the corner much more inside than 98% of the others,that's caused by all the lost of gyroscopic effexes throuh light wheels,removal of quietening gears, the light clutch-basket-assy including Aluminum-clutchplates and of course the very light Alternator,which has approx 94% less rotational inertia compared to stock.Everything,that rotates ,want to keep you straight.



May 2004

Hehe....latest developments here,finally received a HRC-transmission   HRC-transmission.jpg (79604 Byte) and 
installed it :   HRC-transmission installed.jpg (99023 Byte)   .......and,received also a very smart and time-intensive CNC-milled

linkage,calculated progression identical to HRC 03 CNC-Linkage.jpg (82565 Byte) .This linkage is available and even if the whole OEM-linkage is not very heavy,this linkage is 500 gr (or more than 1lbs) lighter than stock.But of course expensive, It's approx 790 incl. bearings, but HRC  03 linkage (heavy ugly cast) is 2100







So far so good,then a contributor got the opportunity to ride the Bike,after somewhat 5 laps his Quotation:"Incredible,feels like a 250cc street Bike ".He also said ,only once he has driven a Bike similar to this (I don't rememeber which ),asked,if the Bike has got slipper-clutch,because it felt like . Not like a perfect slipper clutch,just like a not very well adjusted one,but I answered no. (Maybe the Motec decelaration adjustments or 4 kg less  Engine inertia  -  anyway,idle was adjusted 1000 rpm ).

Btw. the weight at of the Bike,measured full of Fuel,ready to ride,calibrated balance :

171.5 kg  or  378,5 lbs     ( 8kg less rear vs. front wheel )

Then the Bike was put on the dyno,same values we've masured here,and next step 3 Times max. accelaration 0- 300 m. The Rider let slip the clutch 3 Times at full throttle at least 50m,with no Time for the clutch to cool down.And this has been too much for the Aluminum Clutch-plates - one of them gave up at 3rd attempt.This has been the end.These clutch plates are not intended for drag racing,so I still recommend them unrestricted.

I got inspired there again a by guy i've mentioned here several Times,a man who's still rebuilding his RC45 (I'll drop some pics of his Bike here soon).He got the bike on 165 kg with 165 hp, and I know now there are still some measurements worth to do this Winter. Hint's I got to lighten transmission i. E...............

So yesterday I had to clean the Engine,means total disassembly,new Oilpump and so on.......,but it's 6 weeks until next track days it's 6 weeks,and I've to finish some work for customers which was left on the way past 4 months.

Because this trouble unfortunately I have not been able to shoot Pics of my own Bike,and now it's disassembled-but mid August Pics will appear here,worth to wait.


July 12: been on the dyno,very nice.Only one run and then the Lambda-sensor quit            it's job,no value's then to orientate which direction to adjust the mixture.No  way out so i started to adjust the amount of Fuel by pure estimation and sentiment.Was'nt so bad and after 5th run I slightly began to foresee where and how to get the gains. And then starting the Bike for 5th run the new small starter gear I've manufactured........gave up :means end of Session.Back into workshop,new starter gear which will last at least 50 Times starting,50 Times Time to think about a durable Solution.Well, I've to move in about an hour to Hockenheim press-event with a improper mixture adjustment and funny unreliable starter gear (ok,I'll start with a machine there).The Bike Magazine will have a dyno there,my friend found a Bosch-Sensor in his cellar,probably it's the same type,maybe I can do the rest of Adjustment there before they start to ride.Funy too: having a Motec with self-learning mixture adjustment Funktion-but no working Sensor to deliver values.That's really last-minute-tuning. However,even with only 5 runs on the dyno a found out and saw a lot. I've set max. 10200 rpm an rearwheel output was 108 kW,that's somewhat close 147 hp, 10200 !!!!!!!
That's not so bad if you consider no ram-Air on the dyno and things done:Airbox,Pistons,Exhaust and adjustable Cams .Ok,the Cams are different vs.all the others I've tested before,and the Exhaust is a totally different kind of vs. all the other's I've done before. I need to learn new,and I will.

Anyway I think the way is open now: I can play now with different valve-timing   etc. and will set the Limiter somewhat 11.200 ,because as shown by  the graph ,the power-output made no attempts to stop at 10200.Should'nt be a problem to reach 150 hp rearwheel or more now.

Late this evening as far as I know they'll do the Pics of the Bike for Italian,Spanish and German Sportsmagazines,I'll make some too-and if nothing unexpected happens next 3 days : I'll post Pics here Thursday 17th.


Ho,...forgot,they've got a precision-balance there which they need for F1-Cars,GP and Superbikes,so I finally will get an official value how much the Bike weights.

All the famoust German tuners will be there with their Bikes.90% of them will probably have more experience than me to prep race-Bikes for real racers. This has never been my way,because to prep a Bike for me-means to have a close ear to the customer : his age,his skills,his objective...........  .
A statement of customer maybe 4 weeks ago,after he has been several Times on the track with his Bike which I've lightened close to 80 lbs:

"If  I still need something,then 15-20 hp LESS " Joke.




It's not a Revolution,still recognizeable as RC51 Tailsection ,but a bit different:




My_Tailsection_2.jpg (78363 Byte)               

Tailsection from Edwards ,same Tailsection top height,maybe also 5" more.

Imagine you'd pull a horizontally line beginning on Fueltanks top to rear end,have a look at your Bike


Here's an Animation,std.and my tailsection directly compared,takes a bit download: click here


I began-began to prepare my Engine for next year,i'm not sure what all i will install or what's to mod how and why,had a lot of speeches with lot's of competent guys,regarding Cams to use,pistons to use,preload of valve-springs,valve retainers material,which injection manifold to use combined with which ECU,opportunities to make valves lighter (indeed they exist,got very nice hints) to reach 12000 rpm without risk,but I began with most unefficient mod,to drill the Shiftdrum.A lot of work,lot of drills gave up even I had the correct kind of drills for such a work,but in the end -2.5hrs later-I saved 150 gr.But it's a work you have to do if you want to go for the Max.!

My Bike last year

 Pics of my Bike,with mounted crashprotectors,gauges carbon-bracket,the new 2in1in2 header-duct,QAT Fork...etc.Go for latest News 1 to read more.............

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