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General Information:

The full Range of Products which are available for the RC51 you'll find HERE

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2012 July 1

Worlds best Crashprotectors for the RC51 are available again from now on :-)

Please check the Shop





2012 May 13

RC51 Pistal Racing Pistons are now available - direct HRC Copy, and HIGH Quality, also OVERSIZED 100,50mm available ! Please check the Shop




2011 September-17

The Crashprotectors are sold out until mid of November, but the Air scoops are available again !

The Airscoops lower the Engine-Temps up to 30C... dunno how many Fahrenheit that is, but I think a lot.

Approximate fabrication Time is from now to end of November, then thei'll be available again in March/April 2012


2011 July-23:


4Sale: All no crash/very little wear Parts:

- Gilles rearsets
- OEM Forks SP2/RC51 with Triples/Calipers
- Sato Carbon Exhaust, OEM SP2 headers too

Drop me an E-Mail, if you're interested in.


December 2010:

The center-mounted Crashprotectors are available again .
The only Crashprotectors, which cannot damage other Parts ( i.e. Frame, Cooler ) in case of a crash.
The best Protectors Worldwide.

Here's the direct Link into my Shop : RC51 Crash protectors



November 25/2008 ,
Swingarm Conversion Sleeves + the RC51/Motec Info :

The Swingarm Conversion Sleeves are available again (check the Shop)

And - both RC51's I equipped with M800 and Traction Control - ran perfect on track.


After putting this Bike on a M800 it took 2 days on track to make it run perfect


April 28/2008 RC51:

2 RC51's in the Makes with Motec. 
.....the Workshop Situation at present