The HRC Fairing - reworked





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The fairing I've copyed was basically a HRC-Fairing which I've modified to fit for stock-RC51,prepared for kickstand and to fit for OEM-Snorkel.

Available from Glassfiber,Carbon/Kevlar or Carbon . The top windshield Area of the HRC-Fairing is slightly different,the appearance of this Section is more aerodynamical ,dynamically anyway.So for this fairing is required:             

-new fairing-Stay (available)

-new Windshield (available)


Also road-Versions available ,Headlights one or 2 ,left or right ,10 cm or 6cm parabolic Lights .   Paint suggestion RC51 -1.jpg (101412 Byte)


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In the End the DPH or RC51 bodywork equipped Bikes will look very different,but the technical base is identical,so moreless also the weight.That's why i named the Section (left Frame) " The Bike Base",because Bodywork makes no difference for whats hidden behind or below.So,if you want to see more details of  Carbon Fueltank-dummy,or Carbon Fueltank, or Carbon Subframe ....and so on ,go for "technical Base " 1-5.

So,that's how it looks,at first view you would'nt recognize this Bike as a total-rebuilt,maybe    somehow similar to the SBK-Bikes,where only the stickers are identical with that stuff you can buy.
You may notice it (or not),the first the first enlarged underseat-fueltank is mounted,with nearly stock capacity.

to estimate the weights:

The Seat (Carbon/Kevlar),incl. Seatpad: ~  880 gr (1.9lbs)
The Carbon Subframe :560 gr (1.2 lbs)
The # -Plate bracket: 90gr ( 0.2 lbs)

That adds up to 3.3 lbs all in all,only the stock Subframe is about 4.8 lbs,not counted the underplastic ,Seatpad,Tailsection + Cover.Full RC51 -10Qual44.jpg (79921 Byte)















A Test,the Tailsection + my Carbon Subframe suits to a std.Fueltank too.     RC51 std Fueltank+ my Tailsection.JPG (143334 Byte)