Summer is coming ...hopefully again and again!  




My Doc, my Dentist, Valencia in December or I do not really remember where it was , but seemed to be good feeling passing the 1098's on the straight line ...




March 23/2007 :
My Airbox / Dyno 

I always forget to drop the latest results of Power increase by my Airbox here . Even the dynorun here from JD Hord is not the latest , it is at least a good one , because its a direct comparison of OEM and my Airbox .
The Comment from JD Hord :

" This is a RC51 with a full Yosh exhaust, PC3 and Wiseco high-comp pistons. (running on VP Ultimate 4) The red line is with the standard airbox, the blue line is after the addition of a Thorsten Durbahn Airbox but without any remapping, and the green line is the Thorsten airbox with remapping. A worthwhile modification in my book."


The Red line is OEM Airbox , the

March 22/2007 :

Coming soon - the Race Alternator installation Manual , pictured and written by Josh Kaufmann , with tips and tricks , here' Step ! 


A Story btw :
Past year I've been on track very often , a buddy of mine with his RC51 participated a few Times too .
But what I always noticed , when I've been behind him directly - accelarating out of the corner - somewhat at 160 km/h his Bike looked like it lost all it's Power , I passed him like he was on the brakes . Even a fiend with a CBR 600 from 1991 (ok , very light  PC25 ) was able to catch him on the brakes close before the corner . This Bike was tuned by someone in Germany with high-Comp Pistons , then some porting of Intakes , adjustment on a Dyno with PCIII , which someone "knowledgeable " made .

Evening then on track I said to him " something is wrong , let me check your Engine , for what has been done " , " the Acceleration you have is so bad , that somewhere must be a failure " .
Well - as you might know , I like too SEE , what has happened on track , so after some beer we decided to install a Motec with one of my Files which I have developed for RC51 .

Got some first Impressions from my buddy a few days ago , test ride on street , he said , that the Bike is easily lifting front wheel on 2nd gear ( the Bike is not geared short ! ) , which has never happened before . Ok, I additional have installed my Race-Generator , but I do not assume , that only the Generator has such a huge effex , so - even his mapping needs to be slightly adjusted , what I've seen from the Data-recording -it looks like the swap to a fully programmable  ECU was the way to go.


March 14/2007: Workshop insight

I drop it here .
Got asked from buddies and visitors , that the Update-frequency of my Websites becomes less and less , but this does not display whats happening behind the curtain .Anyway the structure of my whole Websites and the business will be re-organized this year .

It makes no sense for me . Of course I like to if people enjoy what I'm building , but at a level , where I only reply E-Mails , then on Wednesday start to pack the Parcel for next shipment on Monday there's no Time left over for development . And development is , what I HAVE to do , so I hope you're able to re-enact , that I try to move everything into direction of a Shop.

I want to have my hands free for sanding , the head for development , doing drafts , for new things never done before , and so on .


But here some shots into the dust and modelwork , no studio-atmosphere , just to show whats going on :

CBR 600 RR/06 - we prepare with Motec M800 , sensors for suspension , Brakes , software driven Anti-Hopping ..etc,

Honda Hawk GT - trying to reach 140 kg or even less with fuel and starter , Monocoque ...... and so on .


The GSXR750.....still waiting for kinda Inspiration

The Ducati... new Exhaust so therefore also modelwork of a new lower fairing


The 1098 and Hawk inside the waste , waiting for someone handsome to take care of them

My buddy and me preparing his RC51 for track , with Motec .. and so on

Crashprotectors : have got enough now to cover a couple of months , but still thinking about a easy way to sell them , probably ebaymotors - At present it makes no sense to drop me an E-Mail therefore , because I have no Time at present . But I will find a way... in a couple of days

My girlfriend sleeping on the table because her friend always works late into to the night


March 04/2007:

A buddy of mine has shaped some nice filigree Carbon Exhaust Hangers here in the Workshop , made from 16 layers Carbon .
They weight 55 gr each , you're not able to crack them with the Power of your Hands , even they do not look so .
Designed for OEM mounting spots and OEM height of Cans .
They'll be made here in my workshop under my guidance , if you're interested , drop me an E-Mail. 


 February 08 /2007 /Edwards Monocoque
Everything here may take longer here than expected , but it took a couple of  Tailsections to fab to know where to pay more and where less attention , to decide all the cutting-lines , to work out the correct length of spacers regarding thickness of the Tailsection itself , and so on .

Today I got it , way to fab and Parts and measurements are clear , so by the overview I got through the past couple of Tailsections I'm able now to finally do the whole Pricing , here it is - check here :  Factory-Tailsection



January 03/2007, regarding :


I always underestimate the demand for the # of Crashprotectors I fab ( I'm sold out again) , so I decided now to increase the Volume of the new batch drastically - that should last a while .The Material is ordered - they're available again end of February.


December 26/2006 : RACE ALTERNATOR

When I started to mount the Race-Alternator on my buddies Bike I thought it's a good Idea to follow the assembly with a bunch of Pics .
So now I finally can deliver a Picture -Series of the Installation , including some hints , tricks and a List of necessary Tools .
Knowing what to do the Installation has been at 1.5 hrs .

                RC51 Race-Alternator intro 2.jpg (163297 Byte)                       RC51 Race-Alternator intro.jpg (186996 Byte)



I got asked from US to France to Hungary .. etc , that the Parcels I've sent still have not arrived .  It looks like the X-Mas trouble has caused and is still causing a big delay .


December 26/2006 : the Motec M4 wire harness for a buddy of mine is done , everything checked with a scope . Only the Quickshift-Assembly + Shiftlight needs to be mounted , then it's done . Such a work takes of course 2-3 days  , but it's worth the work . This Time I've re-checked the Motec-adjustments for a OEM Alternator , before I installed the racing Alternator - to be sure 100% , that the crank Index Position would even work with a std. Alternator . 

Ralf SP Motec 2.jpg (194633 Byte)        I think past 5 years it has been the same work during X-mas , wiring Motecs .           Motec X-mas 2006.jpg (207665 Byte)

September 23/2006-  FUNNELS :

Found this Picture on my Computer    Funnels Aluminum RC51.jpg (131914 Byte) A friend of mine who participated international German Championship made a lot of funnels from Aluminum (CNC-machined ), and after a lot of testing those shown here turned out as the best profile . I've never asked him if he still has the Program and draft to fab them, but I could ask if someone , or a few more are interested . They're probably not cheap ....made out of a big block, but anyway , drop me an E-mail if you are interested :

September 23/2006-  Airbox/Engine-Breather :

I'm not sure if I have ever shown or explained it here inside my web , but I'm searching the Picture-Gallery's on my Computer since a few days, and sometimes  I detect something I estimate as worth to show up here . I.E. : the Engine-Breather/Airbox Solution I ride on my Bike.What you see here is 2nd Part I have shaped for my Airbox (all versions ), wich will be bond into the Airbox together with 4 gaskets ( Breather I + II ,  Oil-return-Breather and Atmosphere-exit ) . Inside this large Breather Box is a seperation-System for the Oil-Fog to condensate a flow back into the Engine .I have necer advertised this inside my Products-Section, because it's such a work with lots of different steps .

The Pictures :   UPSIDE          Breather Box inside Airbox 1.jpg (183847 Byte)              DOWNSIDE          Breather Box inside Airbox 2.jpg (199847 Byte)

September 13/2006 :

1: Long Time ago , 2001 , I felt ,that it can't be such a difference in development of Power , if I ride a well done in 1 , or a in 2 Exhaust .This Time 2001 I posted here , that someone who's on the dyno with a Acra - could do me a favour with a second dynorun :
with left Can closed . A guy from Denmark did it , a run with left Can closed ,and another run, with removed left Can + closed left header . My point of view now : if the Power output is same , or maybe even minimal less with a in 1 system, it's still worth either to mod a acra, or to buy a well done in 1 Exhaust , because you can count on 3.5 - 4 kg (8.2lbs) less weight , the RC 51 does not look so fat then from direct view front or rear , and it's one of the best choices for track , because there's only a 50% chance you damage the Can at a crash...instead of 100 with 2 
                               .Here's the diagram :
Dynorun Acra-comparison in2to1.jpg (124223 Byte)

2 : Been bothered from those lotta wire left side of the Engine case ,wanted a clean look, so put all into the Airbox .
There's Volume enough , more than 32 Liters , so it does not count if I use 3/4 Liters for the rectifier, the Motec, and the Converter .
That's the advantage of the Motec , one Box , and all inside addittioanal Powercommander-Box , no shift-light box, no Quickshifter-Box, no logging-Box .

The done Bike soon :
Engine rework 1.jpg (152987 Byte)                    Wire-Harness Airbox 2.jpg (212562 Byte)                   Wire-Harness Airbox 1.jpg (215280 Byte)

August 2006 : the double Breather mod      Double Breather mod 7.jpg (140045 Byte)       - how to : click here