April 28/2008 RC51:

2 RC51's in the Makes with Motec.
Click on the pic to double the Size.....the Workshop Situation at present


April 20/2008 RC51:
Motec M800 + Motec ADL Setup with sophisticated Traction Control
2 Days later, I'm proceeding, looks a bit confusing, but that's normal when you do such a Job.


April 18/2008
An old Story for visitors who pop over onto this Site since the first days.
Wiring a RC51 with a Motec M800, full sophisticated Traction Control, individual Cylinder Lambda recording and - Control and setting up a Motec ADL parallel... and much more.
Thankfully I do not need too many brain cells anymore to make it run.

But it's still serious Work.

If you're interested in more background Information check the Motorcycle Electronics Link in the Banner.