Ever tried?
Ever failed?
No matter.
Try again.
Fail again.
Fail better.
        -Samuel Beckett




Well,what people think ? Mostly it's : hey ,the new released SPY ,RXY,ZXY,GSXY  are..........
have a look at the values,dropped in the Mags,nice tables ,diagrams,features..................even the rims are rounder than before.............................  . Disapointment on road or track: Hm,I've been somehow faster with my "old " , previous Bike .What those people think ?Those Bikes are made for everyone,doesn't Matter if you live in Wladiwostok or Nevada.So you feel you're everyone ?
Ok,buy it,ride it,don't waste a second thought,what going on below your ass,don't waste a second thought how and why everything is moving,why you may have a problem on track still not passing your buddy with his old...blablabla........  . You'll get a new chance,year 0Y they'll release the definivite Bike for you,now with perfectly round rims................  .

Well, I'm a bit pissed,don't know why,everything is running good,no reason for that-customers I have are mostly as "crazy" as I am,but : there's still something,when I move through several RC/SP Forums Worldwide,overfly only headers of threads,questions which have been anwered to death before.They don't rack their brains before posting,I bet the never even have removed the fairing only once to check,just waitin for a formula :"hey,do this,turn this screw only 1/2 turn more and you've 20 hp more,remove only that bit and and you've 20kg less "..........   .

Or : Bolt on ! Bolt on is fine,makes life easier . Bolt it on,and that's it,now fastest guy below Sun.
But hey,your buddy is still passing you,what's that ............. ..


Okok,could have wrote more,but I'm too tired. It's just : You want more ?Go for more !

Don't sit next to your wife every evening in front of the TV on your couch ,so if you want to mod something,if you want to make your Bike runing better - don't bother others with something you can find out easily ,so : built YOUR Bike, and .....................




.........go into your garage,where the Bike is,armed with all the tools you have,at least try to re-enact how all works,try to find out what's for what,sort yourself what you really want ,what you're able to get rid of or what you definately need .....................

...............it's not so complicated as you might think .




At present I revive my old 1988 RC30 -05.04 it'll be at least as fast on the track as a 04 GSX-R





I've had a closer look on my own site and found out it's very confusing for all the people,who're not those in the know.So,to enlighten you about what's going on these days: I already have got a SP-2 here,not to be pleased and impressed sitting in front of the Bike-thinking:"wow,what a Bike".No,reverse-i wasn't impressed,i wasn't impressed as i'm never really impressed.Why should I ? The last Time i was impressed when i've been in Berlin a year ago,i've seen a custom developed 6000$  RC45 clutch (half of the weight of a HRC RC45 clutch and dureable).You should have seen this,one of the very rare moments in life i missed my Camera.And,you can only be impressed by the work of others,not your own work,how could you ?Ok,I'm maybe impressed by myself for less than a second when i've got an idea doing this or that or making raw drafts for sth.new. But already during the work and when all is nearly finished i know i could have done it smarter,so the result is you're 99% depressed by knowing that with no chance to do sth.against it.Yes i've lost my thread again,i only wanted to say: here's a SP2 which get's a rebuilt as like i intended to rebuilt my 2nd Sp1(but did'nt find the Time for),all what i formerly wanted to mod on my Bike i'm doing now with the SP 2. My Objective is to get more than macical 50kg out of it-thats somewhat 110.375 lbs,but i hope more.Less than 375 lbs full of Fuel and stuff and all,that's 18 lbs less than a SBK SP2.You cannot find these weight savings by Titan and alloy bolts and simple exchange of fairing vs. Carbon,that's not the point,you don't have exchange the bits all the Time,sometimes you've to exchange the concept.Make a list yourself,so-list all the Bits you want to mod,write down the weight savings-then seperate all by rotating mass,not rotating,rotating and unsprung,rotating and sprung,not rotating and sprung,etc,have a look at the diameter where the mass is on (or where you lose it),and which rpm it has got,you can watch a whole Bike also as an not really rotating,but oscillating mass moving through corners,so the mod you're doing in 100cm height is more important than at the bottom.2 impossible Thoughts:  Imagine you'd hold a rod in your hand that has NO weight,and this rod is going to the end of universe,and there is only a 00000.1 lbs mass fixed,you won't be able to turn it with all power you can get-Otherwise imagine:a 100000 Million tonn rod,which mass would located only in the centre of rotation-you'd need only a snap with your Finger to bring it in rotation.So- last but not least divide all these intended mods through the money or the time it costs you,built a Quotient and sort it into concerning  categories i've mentioned above.Guess you won't believe what you'll discover then: Titan-axles have got the worst Quotient (100),a smaller Battery i.E one of the best (0.1),compared in the category of not-rotating and sprung mass mods,so a smaller battery mod is 1000 Times more worth regarding the money you earn hard day by day than to order this Titan Stuff.

Well-except you're able to buy the world,then simple forget all what you've read.





















Some_workshop_impressions3.JPG (141331 Byte)                                     Some_workshop_impressions.JPG (99527 Byte)




November 1990 i acquired my first RC 30.

Already at this Time i thought it's a superb technical Base , but also ,that the appearance does not fit to .A front Bodywear , that reminds to John Carpenters Spacecrafts Dome (Dark Star) , a Seat that , following Kafka :we really liked the last autumn .

But 23 years old i hav'nt had the experience to make out of it , what i guessed it could be , if someone cares.

OK , as you say in english , single - minded i went my way :  slow --- but straight . Indeed ,  the result now is (my opinion) : remarkable.

History :it began with slight Modyfications ,RC 30 BW - Front , rear Seat Duc 888 . First Carbon Silencer 1990 in mothers oven (Sorry mother ! ).First cuttings at rear Frame and wire , then engines Power up -- a great Step . Meanwhile a degree of Chemistry (dropped out ) , following : degree of Philosophy (main :Kant , but i'll drop out too ).

What stays ? Nothing then examination : everything you do or handle , seize ,  your'on the most efficient way , for what you have in mind !.

Now a new marriage:RC51,guessnot 8,but 3 years it takes to last Stage. 





The Result of RC 30:

Weight incl.Fuel ,Starter etc. (Road use ) :161,5 kg

HP : 140

Max. Nm : 89

Time to built : 8 years

Hours : Lord knows 

if you're interested in the result:  http://www.durbahn.de




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