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1 Renn und Strassen SP1  zu verkaufen      Mailto : T.Durbahn@gmx.comSOLD

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Gewicht vollgetankt 175 kg
Power ~ 146 hp
Preis : 
14.000 Euros mit neuen KLS Reifenwärmern
13.000 Euros ohne KLS Reifenwärmer.
00.800 Euro Aufpreis für Strassenzulassung

Liste der Teile/Modificationen: 

Carbon Airbox and my cpl. plastics incl. underseat-fueltank with 
Carbon/Kevlar Tankdummy.
Carbon/Kevlar Fairing and Evo-Tailsection
Carbon Evo-Snorkel
Carbon/Aluminum rearsets
Carbon Front Fender 

PVM 5 Spoke forged Aluminum-wheels
PVM Radial Master
PVM adjustable Handlebars

Tellert Quickshift
Tellert Shiftlight

HRC-Pistons (engine has run somewhat 1000 km after the tuning)
HRC Retainers 
HRC Valve-springs
combustion chamber equalized
Rods/pistons/crankshaft balanced
Quietening gears removed

Acrapovic(Evolution)  in 1 Exhaust

 Front-mount Radiators /Oilcooler setup


My ISR-rearbrake Assy

My Cable clutch conversion

Wire-harness modified/shortened/lightened

Steel braided Brakelines

Smaller Battery (relocated)

Steering damper

Shock : White Power

revalved Fork

My crashprotectors

520 chain RK

The Bike incl. rebuilt has cost the Owner approx 28.000 Euros,and it was
driven only 3 Times on track after rebuilt.

Mehr : info@durbahn.de













Detailled list of Specs:

-HRC Pistons
-Quietening gears removed
-combustion-chamber reworked
-Rods and crank balanced
.........dynosheet available.As far as I remember 145 rwhp.


-revalved Fork
-WP-shock with high/low speed adjustment


- Acrapovic in 1 (not mounted when the pics were made)

4. Electronics

PC 3r with custom developed Map
- Tellert Shiftlight
- Tellert Quickshifter

5. Other specs

-PVM Master cylinder

-Steel brakelines
-Durbahn Caliper assy rear (not mounted when Pics done) or OEM
-Durbahn rearsets
-Cable clutch conversion
-Front mount Radiator/Oilcooler Assy
- wire harness modification
-Topmount steering damper
-adjustable PVM clip-ons
-520 drivechain conversion
-Carbon Front fender
-Battery mod/relocation w/carbon-bracket
-Carbon Evo-Snorkel

6: Complete Durbahn underseat Fueltank-Assy 

- Carbon Airbox with Airfilter
- Carbon/Kevlar Fueltank including Fuelpump-mod
-Tailsection EVO 2 style
- HRC copy Fairing cpl. incl.fairing-Stay/ Racing MRA Windshield


.......weight I'd estimate at 177kg full incl. fuel and everything (390 lbs)





für Anfragen bezüglich Preis und Ausstattung der Motorräder : info@durbahn.de