The double Breather mod .....let the Engine breathe.

Dont let the Engine be a Kompressor , let the Pressure out directly at the spot , where the Pressure is produced , the closest spot you can get, right between the cylinders.

The Steps :


1. take the Engine out of the Bike

2 . dissasemble the Engine that you have the bare crankcases

3. drill a 22-24 mm hole into the crankcase


4.Press in a gasket which you or someone else has made , use Loctite 648


5.from inside


 6 . use a hammer and whatever to enlarge inside the diameter of the gasket that it cannot fall out , drill 3 Times M3


7.Build a shield, which prevents , that the Oil , which is coming out of the conrods (to cool piston bottom and lubricate) is blowing directly into the opening , and fix the shield with 3 srews, use Loctite 648 :



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8: Assemble everything